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Petitions Policy


This policy has been developed to provide guidance on the role of Auckland Libraries in the display of petitions. The guiding principles underpinning public library services in New Zealand are an “emphasis on equity of access to information; the right to know; freedom of expression; the right to participate fully in a democratic society; objectivity and professionalism.” (Public Libraries of New Zealand: A Strategic Framework 2012‐2017). It is within these guidelines that the following Auckland Libraries principles have been developed for the acceptance of petitions for display in community libraries.

Definition of Petition as used in this policy

In this context the word “petition” is used to mean support in writing from members of the public for some form of societal change. This may be by means of a sheet that people sign or a box that is provided by the petition organiser to collect filled in forms. It does not include surveying or soliciting opinions in person.


  1. Libraries will consider all requests to display a petition to the public
  2. Libraries may accept a petition from an organisation which campaigns legally for a change in the law.
  3. Petitions will remain the responsibility of the requesting organisation / individual. Library staff will not be responsible for collecting signatures.
  4. Auckland Libraries maintains a neutral status. It does not endorse any petitions by way of them being available.
  5. Auckland Libraries accepts no responsibility for protecting the privacy of individuals whose names and addresses are recorded in publicly‐displayed petitions.
  6. All requests for petitions will be subject to the limits of available space.
  7. The name, organisation and contact details of the person responsible for lodging and collecting the petition must be displayed with the petition.
  8. Petitions will be made available for a time determined by Libraries and agreed at the time the petition is accepted for display, for example in order to be fair to other requestors for their petitions to be displayed. The period will usually be up to one month


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