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St Heliers Chinese Friendship Group 聚友会  

poster for st heliers friendship groupWhen 时间:  1st and 3rd
Thursday of the month 
10.30am - 12pm上午
Where 地点: St Heliers 图书馆
Cost 费用: Free 免费


Join us for a chat & to meet new people at our St Heliers' Chinese Friendship Group

Share life experiences, skills & Hobbies, favourite reads, and find out what is new in the library’s Chinese Language Collection.

 欢迎参加St Heliers 图书馆聚友会。您将在这里结识朋友,交流分享读书心得,生活经验与技能爱好,以及了解图书馆最新中文图书和近期活动等

See you there! 期待光临!

For more information, please call (09) 374 1324, 电话 (09) 374 1324.

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