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  • Dr Gian Mansell.
    Health's greatest secret
    5 June. Hear Dr Gian Mansell, wellness educator and chiropractor, speak about how to decrease stress and increase energy levels without breaking a sweat.

  • The cat's out of the bag book cover.
    The cat's out of the bag
    27 May, 16 June, 18 June, 24 July. Hear Max Cryer, one of New Zealand’s best-known writers, broadcasters and entertainers, talk about his new book, 'The cat's out of the bag'.

  • Lindsey Dawson.
    Mixing bowl memories with Lindsey Dawson
    Wednesday 24 June. Hear a talk by Lindsey Dawson, a writer and journalist who now works on empowering others to express themselves artistically.

  • James Cook's lost world book cover.
    James Cook's lost world
    3 and 17 June. Hear Graeme Lay talk about his latest novel, 'James Cook's lost world', which is the last in a critically acclaimed trilogy about the explorer's life.

  • Vivienne's blog book cover.
    one island one book: Stephen Leaton
    27 August, Waiheke Library. Critically acclaimed New Zealand author Stephen Leaton will be joining us this year to talk about his novel 'Vivienne's blog'.

  • Daisies.
    National Flash Fiction Day 2015
    22 June. Flash fiction is to traditional short stories what lightning is to a storm - a genre of writing somewhere between poetry and short stories.

  • Ivy Alvarez.
    Ivy Alvarez poetry reading
    Thursday 11 June. Hear Ivy Alvarez read from her new collection, Disturbance, fresh from her appearance at the Auckland Writers Festival.

  • Secrets of Spain cover image.
    Secrets of Spain trilogy
    Saturday 20 June. Hear international bestselling author Caroline Angus Baker discuss her Secrets of Spain trilogy.

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