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View Finder 

View Finder logo. When: Ongoing
Where: Central City Library, Lorne Street window frontage
Cost: Free

View Finder is Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision's moving image presentation that is installed in the Auckland Central Library window on Lorne Street. View Finder runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Great South Road by David Cowlard. The current View Finder presentation is Great South Road by David Cowlard, and is on display from 9 - 14 June.

Great South Road is a major arterial route leading out of Auckland, New Zealand. The road weaves through volcanic cones, industrial centres and a multitude of suburbs into the rural landscape of the Waikato region beyond.

This short film (about a long road) explores the urban fabric of the territory, which is defined by generic utilitarian structures and a postmodern vernacular that includes: single storey houses, car yards, brightly coloured, corrugated steel clad buildings and hand painted signage.

But more than anything else, the lives of the people encountered along the way are shaped by a rich mix of local and international Asian Pacific communities.


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