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View Finder 

When: Ongoing
Where: Central City Library
Cost: Free

View Finder is the Film Archive's moving image presentation that is installed in the Auckland Central Library window on Lorne Street. View Finder runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
The Film Archive's current moving image presentation is Hard bodies (2013) by Alex Plumb. This presentation runs from 8 - 28 July 2014.
A man in a garden.
A still from Hard bodies (2013) by Alex Plumb.

"As an image-maker, I’m interested in repositioning the ostensible normalities of our everyday experience. By nauseating this experience, the work aims to highlight the fantasticality in the real or the seemingly ‘normal’.

"Through subtle shifts and transparencies, the work aims for a rupture: a collapse from the mundane to some ‘other’ space - an imagined space. This continuous formation and collapse, is perhaps starting to produce an ambiguous melody, a tune which builds and crescendos from channel to channel.

"Accordingly, the work asks, by subverting the rhythm of our quotidian experience, can moving image simultaneously push and pull the self,
as it negotiates between multiple modes, in its own process of becoming?"

-  Alex Plumb



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