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Finding a death notice in older editions of the NZ Herald

If you can’t find a death notice on the New Zealand Herald website, you can look up older death notices published since 2003 on the Auckland Libraries eResource Knowledge Basket - New Zealand Index.  You’ll find it on the library website, in the Digital Library.

  • Click on Digital Library
  • Search for the eResource Knowledge Basket – Newztext
  • At All Collections, click Off, then tick NZ Herald Classified Personals
  • Scroll down and enter the last name you want to search for in the first Search box, and enter the first name in the second Search box.  It is important to use all lower case letters when typing the names to ensure that all relevant results are included. 
  • When you click Search, you’ll get a hit list of all the classifieds that include the terms you have used. To see the full text of the notice, click the name listed in blue in the Title column.


    Screenshot showing results from New Zealand Index after a search for classified ads

  • You can also search for birth notices, tenders, bankruptcies and a whole range of other classified ads in this database.
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