Focus on...

Focus on...

A magnifying glass. Entertaining reads that go beyond categories such as travel, biography, cookery and history.

Explore these lists of recommended titles in niche areas such as cult fiction and true crime.

Contemporary poetry

Our picks of the best books, magazines, websites and eResources all about poetry.  

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Cult fiction

Cult fiction is a term used for books or authors which inspire intense interest and lasting devotion among a readership that exists largely below the mainstream cultural radar.

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Idea books

Thought-provoking reads by original thinkers – great for those who'd like to understand the world from a different perspective.

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True crime

With John Grisham delving into non-fiction and a growing appetite for crime novels and TV shows, true crime has also entered the halls of popular non-fiction fame. It's a genre that sits at the junction of journalism, law and psychology.

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