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Take part in Census 2013 at Auckland Libraries 


Census 2013. Tuesday 5 March is Census Day, the day when New Zealanders are asked to complete a comprehensive survey about themselves and their families that will inform the development of our public services in the years to come.
The census is the official population count by Statistics New Zealand. It is a comprehensive snapshot of the country and it is a legal requirement for everyone in New Zealand - including all residents and tourists - to complete a census form either on paper or online on 5 March.
Auckland Libraries is supporting participation in the census and is helping to make it easier for you to complete your census forms online. Computers will be available at many libraries on 5 March and you can ask your librarian for more details. Please note that bookings may be required so contact your local library for further details.
The census is important because the information gathered will assist decision-making about future services and facilities that affect us all, such as healthcare, education and transport. Census forms and internet access codes are currently being delivered in person to all addresses so keep an eye out for your census representative.

For more information about the census visit the census website at or phone 0800 236 787.

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