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Zines are coming to Auckland Libraries 


Zines at Auckland LibrariesAuckland Libraries has turned a generous donation of 600 unique hand-crafted publications from Cross St Zine Library into a new zine collection ready to enjoy at Central City Library from Sunday 21 August.

The zines will be located on the ground floor.

A zine (from ‘fanzine’ or ‘magazine’; pronounced ‘zeen’) is typically a small, self-published print publication. Zines come in various shapes and sizes.

Our zine collection covers a wide range of subjects that consist of highly creative, colourful, personal and eye-opening content filled with social commentary. Some types of zines in the collection are:

  • Mini comic books e.g. Root 3
  • Letters, diaries or travel journals e.g. Dear Boy about love and relationships, and How to lose it about eating disorders.
  • Poetic sets e.g. David Merritt’s beautiful 'box sets' such as Inorganic and the hilarious Curious diets.

Among the 600 publications are titles that were published in Sydney, Melbourne and Washington (USA), providing an international flavour to the collection.

>> See a list of Auckland Libraries' zines (Excel).

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