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Can't find it?

Can't find it?

We help you dig a little deeper to find what you need from Auckland Libraries’ website.

Suggestion for purchase

If Auckland Libraries does not hold the item you are looking for, please suggest a purchase. If the suggested item meets our selection criteria, we will buy it!


If the item you are looking for is not available at Auckland Libraries you can request it from another library using our interloan service.

The item you’re looking for may well be in our Digital Library, which holds 100+ specialist eResources for some of the world’s most sought after information online such as renowned encyclopaedias, top business statistics and information, interactive children’s websites, Downloadable Media (eAudio books), Auckland and specialist family history databases as well as digitised heritage material.

Help section

Our help section can further help with queries about:

  • the catalogue and site search function
  • My Discoveries
  • My Info login
  • Pay Online
  • AirPac
  • Digital Library (Downloadable Media trouble shooting etc.) and
  • accessibility.

Email / phone us

If you just can’t find it, please send us an email or phone us at any of our 55 libraries.

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