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We have handy links, online resources in the Digital Library, homework help through AnyQuestions, and friendly librarians ready to help.

Check out our great resources to help with your studying needs.

Homework help

You've got to do it - that assignment or project that's due tomorrow. Where do you find the information you need? Right here! We've put together lots of great resources to help with your study needs.


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AnyQuestions offers free online schoolwork help to New Zealand school students. You can log on to the website from 1pm to 6pm weekdays during the school year and chat online with a friendly librarian about a schoolwork question.

AnyQuestions librarians are specially trained to help you find the answers you need, without giving you the answers of course! They will guide you to quality information sources and help you gain the skills to do future searches yourself.

AnyQuestions will work with any internet enabled device, such as a computer, tablet or a smartphone. AnyQuestions does look a bit different on different devices but you’re still talking to a librarian, somewhere in New Zealand.

The site is backed by the Ministry of Education and is staffed by librarians from Auckland Libraries and other libraries around New Zealand.
For more information visit AnyQuestions.


Digital Library resources

Take advantage of our Digital Library eResources for Teens - you'll find databases to help you with your assignments, great reference material, and suggestions for what to read next.    



We have a huge collection of material that can help you with your studies. Have a look at our teen collections page for information on study guides, non-fiction material and award-winning books. 


Study links

Check out these recommended websites on the following topics:

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