A standard is a published document that sets out the minimum requirements necessary to ensure that a material, structure, product, method, or system will do the job it is intended to do.

Standards can be for practically any subject you can think of, from aspects of construction to the safety of toys.

Our collection

We have an extensive collection of standards held on the first floor of Central City Library. It includes:

  • New Zealand standards (NZS)
  • joint Australia/New Zealand standards (AS/NZS)
  • compliance document for New Zealand building code
  • other codes and manuals, such as the food standards code (also available online), and codes for transporting dangerous goods.

We also hold some Australian (AS) and International (ISO) standards, however we no longer receive new editions.

Using and borrowing the standards collection

You can view standards for free at Central City Library. If you are a library member your library card will be required, if you are not a library member photo ID is required.

You may not photocopy any of the hardcopy standards.

Standards online

You can view the following standards online at our libraries on the public computers:

  • Standards New Zealand database, which contains New Zealand standards (NZS) and joint Australian/New Zealand standards (AS/NZS) – you may not print from the NZ database.
  • Standards Online Australia database  – you may not print from the Australian database.

Related resources

You may also find it helpful to look at related law resources such as Acts (or Statutes) and regulations. For example, the New Zealand standard NZS 3604 Timber Framed Buildings could be used in conjunction with The Building Act 1991 and The Building Amendment Regulations 2003.

Access the legal collection and government publications at Central City Library or visit the New Zealand Legislation website for Acts, Bills and Regulations.   

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