Sir George Grey Special Collections

Map of the North Island of New Zealand showing native and European territory - 1861. Maps

Historic and rare maps in Special Collections.

Special Collections at the Central City Library is home to a selection of rare and interesting maps and atlases. The collection contains many items of historic significance, and there is a strong emphasis on Auckland content.

Special Collections is located on the second floor, Central City Library.

Many of the Special Collections maps are not on the library catalogue, though we have digitised a selection and these are available online.

Historic maps

Maps available online

A selection of maps from our collection have been catalogued and digitised. Online material includes the George Church collection and a variety of significant maps from throughout New Zealand. 

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Hydrographic maps/Nautical charts

The collection contains facsimile, manuscript and printed maps of the New Zealand coastline and harbours, from the time of Captain Cook to the twentieth century.

Street maps

Street maps from the founding of many New Zealand towns and cities. This collection contains a strong focus on Auckland’s development.

Heaphy map

A copy of the Plan of the Town of Auckland by Charles Heaphy, 1851.

Victorian parks in Auckland

Plans and drawings for Albert Park, Auckland Domain and Western Park.

Topographic maps

Detailed topographic maps for the northern part of the North Island, the old Auckland Province boundaries. The collection covers both ‘inch to the mile’ series NZSM 1 [1940s], and the later metric series NZMS 260 [1970s].

New Zealand Wars

Military installations and battle sites in New Zealand.

Grey Collection

Sheet maps from the George Grey collection. These maps focus on India and Australia.

Church Collection

Land auction maps from the 1860s to the early years of the 20th century. Most are for land sales in Auckland or Auckland Province. The library bought the collection from George Church in 1916.

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