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Auckland Weekly News images

The Auckland Weekly News: a journal of commerce, agriculture, politics, literature and art ran from 1863 to 1971. From 1898 a photographic supplement was added. Auckland Libraries has digitised the published images from 1898 to 1943.


Ref: Auckland Weekly News, Auckland war volunteers marching down Queen Street, 1914, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19141015-47-2

The photographs from the supplement can be accessed online through the Heritage Images database. The database also gives you linked access to images printed within the same supplement issues. You can also order images through the Heritage Images database.  


Searching the Auckland Weekly News

To search for Auckland Weekly News photographs through the Heritage Images database follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Heritage Images database
  • To search for all Auckland Weekly News supplement photographs, type AWNS* into the search box. However, this will bring up all images from 1898 to 1943, which is a very large number of search results.
  • Instead, we recommend that you narrow down your search to a particular year during the war e.g. 1915. To carry out this search, type the following term into the search box: AWNS-1915*
  • You can also narrow down your search even further to a particular year and month during the war e.g. May 1916. To carry out this search, type the year and the number for that month into the search box: AWNS-191505*.

Heritage images search example.  


  • The supplement came out on a Thursday, so you will be able to look through the search results and see a selection of images for each of the four weeks during the month of May 1916 – the database records will indicate the day of the month that each image is from e.g. 6 May 1915, 13 May 1916, 20 May 1916, 27 May 1915.

Heritage images search result.


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