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Detective work using Papers Past and Heritage Images 

Use early newspapers to find photographs in magazines or serials

Early newspapers did not include images, and when drawings and later photographs did start to appear, the quality is not good for reproduction. Newspapers can be useful for tracking down photographs in other publications such as magazines or serials at around the same date.

The Auckland Weekly News (AWN) covered a wide range of topics, ‘A journal of commerce, agriculture, politics, literature and art’ from 1863 to 1971. From 1898 a photograph supplement was included each week. Auckland Libraries has an ongoing project to digitise the AWN supplements. The images are added to Heritage Images


Finding historical photographs in the Auckland Weekly News – a two step strategy

Sometimes a newspaper report of an event can help you find an illustration in another publication.  For example, try this search:

Step 1

  • Go to the Papers Past website
  • Type Logan Campbell Boer Star Hotel in the Search box. The first article, entitled The Boer War, dated 13 May 1901, refers to Mayor John Logan Campbell hosting a luncheon for troops returning from the Boer War. This article appeared in the Auckland Star.

           Screenshot showing an article about the Boer War from the eResource Papers Past

Step 2

  • Go to the Heritage Images eResource in the Digital Library
  • Choose Advanced Search, type Auckland Weekly News under Photographer/Publisher
  • Type Logan Campbell under Subject, and type 1901 under Year
  • Then click on the orange Advanced Search button
  • This photograph shows the luncheon at the Star Hotel referred to in the Auckland Star article.   

Luncheon given by the Mayor of Auckland (Dr. J. Logan Campbell) to returned troopers

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