Housebound service

Housebound. Auckland Libraries' housebound service is a home delivery service for those who cannot physically visit the library.

You may be eligible for the service if:

  • You live in Auckland
  • You are unable to visit a library yourself
  • You have no one to get library items on your behalf
  • You are confined at home due to age, permanent or temporary disability or illness
  • You may receive support from an agency to enable you to remain in your own home, for example, Age Concern, Meals on Wheels, Home Help from social support, etc.

What is involved?

  1. Library staff will visit you to determine your reading preferences and to establish a delivery schedule
  2. Library staff will select books, magazines, music CDs or audiobooks for you according to your preferences
  3. Your library account must be managed so that items are returned on time
  4. You are responsible for all items delivered to you – lost items will be charged for.

How to apply

Please contact your local library if you are interested in this service. They will contact you to discuss your application.

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