Auckland Libraries: Top 10 illustrated nonfiction

Top 10 illustrated nonfiction

The top 10 illustrated nonfiction titles, curated by our librarians for the latest Auckland Libraries Top 100 list.

Eco home

Melinda Williams

Presents the modern home by moving from room to room, to look at structural materials, furnishings and general life hacks to improve your personal green-star rating.

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Geoff Norman

Kiwi, kākāpō, takahē, moa, tūī – these birds, and many others, are unique to Aotearoa New Zealand. Much more than a source of fascinating information, this book is also a call for action to save our remaining threatened species.

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Kiwi backyard

Andrew Ellis

Inspired by Andy's backyard segments on TVNZ1's Seven Sharp this book is perfect for anyone dreaming of making changes at their own place. It features a wide range of backyards from Kiwi heroes, so there's something for everyone.

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Galleries of Maoriland

Roger Blackley

Galleries of Maoriland looks at Māori prehistory in Pākehā art, the enthusiasm of Pākehā and Māori for portraiture and recreations of ancient life, the trade in Māori curios and the international exhibition of this colonial culture.

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The colour of time

Dan Jones

This book spans more than 100 years of world history from the reign of Queen Victoria and the US Civil War, to the beginning of the Space Age. It charts the rise and fall of empires, the achievements of science, tragic wars and the politics of peace.

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Sean Mallon

This cultural history is the first publication to examine 3000 years of Sāmoan tatau. Through a chronology rich with people, encounters and events it describes how Sāmoan tattooing has been shaped by local and external forces over many centuries.

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Aotea Great Barrier

Chris Morton

The book consists of five chapters - sea, beach, land, bush and the mountains. Each of these landscapes is explored through the eyes of 12 different locals, who describe a favourite part of the island and explain why it has special meaning for them.

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New Zealand's great walks

Paul Hersey

Authored by expert outdoor enthusiasts Paul and Shelley Hersey and fully illustrated with maps and stunning photography, New Zealand's Great Walks is the guide no keen adventurer can do without!

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Frida Kahlo

Long after her death, an extraordinary collection of clothing, jewellery, cosmetics and other personal items, as well as photographs and letters were discovered locked away in her home. This book explores the amazing discovery of Khalo's collection.

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Black boots

Phil Gifford

Over 200 photographs from a classic era of NZ rugby from the 1950s to the early 1990s, there are many unusual images from behind the scenes. It includes fascinating (and funny) captions from renowned rugby writer Phil Gifford.

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