Auckland Libraries: Love letters never sent

Love letters never sent

Monday 5 - Friday 23 February Free

This Valentine’s Week - see the love we never share, the feelings we withhold, or the feelings we forget to express, in an interactive exhibition at Auckland Central Library.

Fountain pen and paper.
Come be a part of this project and discover more about this mysterious feeling through the experience of others. 

Anonymously contribute a love letter you never sent, whether it was romantic love, unconditional friendship, love you never shared, or didn’t have time to. Rather than celebrating the commercialisation of Valentine's Day, what if we were to look at love in a more raw & authentic form? 

Anyone can submit. You may submit at Auckland Central Library from Monday 5 February to Wednesday 14 February. There will be a desk clearly sign marked, letter paper, and pens and pencils to write your letter, as well as a box to where you can submit them. We will endeavour to exhibit all letters at the exhibition. 

You may also submit them by sending it to: PO BOX 56025 Dominion Road 1024. 

Please ensure they are anonymous. 

About the Artist

My name is Kiran Patel, I’m an interactive artist. I get excited about how to move people, to find and lose themselves in the experience of others, to connect & unite people over common interests or causes. 

I run the creative studio MoveStudio, where we experiment with community & movement building, creative ways to move people to make the world more awesome. 

Through reading these letters my hope is you find solace, joy or even compassion in your experience through reading the experiences of others. It would mean the world to me if you popped down to the library and took some time to read a few letters. 

Or even write a letter yourself, and share what you may never have expressed before. Who knows - you might find a sense of peace in that, and you never know, maybe one of the letters you read was written about you. 

If you'd like to get in contact with anything to do with the exhibition - please feel free to email me at
Fountain pen and paper.


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