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Parental emotion management 成为情绪管理高手

Saturday 19 October 2pm to 3.30pm Free

Are your children experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges? Are you unsure about how to help? Develop your awareness and understanding of emotional intelligence and learn how to coach your child through difficult emotions.

A kid smiling.
小孩子不顺心连哭带闹? 大孩子不懂事连吼带叫? 父母压力大,回家脸色差 如何应对情绪的爆发? 如何管理情绪? 做情绪教练,为自己!为孩子! 主讲人,Ming,为新西兰亲子教育机构Theparentingplace 认证辅导员,痴迷于心理学的学习与分享,自2016年起在东区Pakuranga Counselling Centre带领《ToolBox》教练型家长课程至今. 

地点: 奥克兰市中心图书馆三楼毛利会堂
A kid smiling.

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