Auckland Libraries: Challenges


Ngā whāinga

The Great Summer Read 2017/2018 has finished for the year. We hope you'll join us again next year.

  1. Read a book, zine, graphic, comic or manga 
  2. Read to someone – a story or a chapter
  3. Check out a Great Summer Read book bundle at one of our libraries
  4. Read a book set in the past or in the future  
  5. Read a book set somewhere you’d like to visit
  6. Find a poem in a book and share it with someone
  7. Read a funny book 
  8. Watch a movie or a TV show based on a book 
  9. Read a cookbook and make something from it
  10. Read a banned book or challenged book 
  11. Read a book which tells a true story 
  12. Read an eMagazine from RBDigital
  13. Read a book from the Auckland Libraries Top 100 list 
  14. Write a review for the Auckland Libraries online catalogue
  15. Wild card: Invent your own challenge and share it on your local library’s Facebook page


A book can be print, audiobook, eAudiobook or eBook.