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Manurewa street names

A guide to the history of Manurewa street names.

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Street names beginning with A

Aarts Avenue: Named after a Dutchman who had a market garden in the area.

Adams Road: Named after Desmond Adams, a subdivider who had poultry sheds and a market garden.

Addington Avenue: Mrs Rowan named it after the Christchurch racecourse, she owned a large area fronting onto Russell Road.

Airfield Road: The road to the local airfield.

Albertson Place: Named after an engineer with the Hutt Timber Company.

Alfriston Road: Named by Dr Bodle after an village in southeast Sussex in England.

Alice Park: Named after the mother of Harry Beaumont.

Amethyst Road: Named after the gemstone.

Anatalya Place: Named after the boat owned by the original landowner, it is also the name of a town in Turkey. Paul Zeusche built the boat himself, and cruised around the world.

Aronia Way: Named after the tree.

Arthur Road: Named after Arthur Cyril Holmes, an Anglican Minister of Religion.

Ash Road: Named after the tree.

Astor Place: Named after a famous ocean racing yacht in the 1970s.

Azalea Place: Named after the plant.

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Street names beginning with B

Banksia Drive: Named after a tree, by Ransom and Ann Smyth.

Banyan Drive: Named after a tree.

Barnard Place: Named after Manurewa's first dentist and later Mayor of Manurewa.

Balmore Place: Named after a golf course.

Barrowcliffe Place: Named by A. Norman, the assistant Manukau County Clerk and City secretary.

Beatty Avenue: Named after Lord Beatty, who was an Admiral in the First World War.

Beaumonts Way: Named after Harry Beaumont, former Mayor of Manurewa and nurseryman. He envisaged Manurewa Borough becoming part of the new Manukau City Council.

Bedlington Avenue: Named by Mrs Rowan.

Begonia Place: Named after the plant.

Beihlers Road: Named after Charles Beihler, of German descent, who had a store at the end of the road. He was also a fisherman at Weymouth, and had a launch named Renahau. He built the original wharf from wattle poles, from where two barges took wattle to the tannery, and also had a grocery store by the wharf. He drowned at sea in his own boat.

Benmore Place: Named after the Benmore Dam.

Berkley Road: George Smith, who owned land in the area, named this road after an old Yorkshire town.

Bettina Place: Mrs Rowan named this street after a niece's pony, it was a show pony, dappled grey and nine years old.

Bill Phillip Place: Named after a local farmer.

Blackgate Place: Named after an old black gate, that was between Ed and Arthur Gibbons' farm in Weymouth.

Blanes Road: Named after Mr A. Blane, from South Africa, and a farmer in the Weymouth area.

Blossom Lane: This was part of Beaumont's nursery land.

Bluewater Place: So named as it leads to blue water.

Bolderwood Place: Named by Bill Kosovich, after both Ron Wood (City Manager of Manukau City Council) and boulders.

Booker Place: Fred Booker was a market gardener and fisherman in the Weymouth area.

Bowater Place: Named after Percy Bowater, a farmer who subdivided his land. He was also a Manurewa Borough Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

Bowen Street: Named after the shearers Godfrey and Geoffrey Bowen.

Brent Place: Named by Mrs Rowan.

Bretts Road: Named after Les Brett senior from Weymouth.

Broulder Place: Named after Jack Tomlinson's wife's maiden name. Mr Tomlinson worked in plant production, and was killed in a car accident in Australia.

Brough Road: Named after George Brough, a stock and station agent for Dalgety's and who then had a sports shop in Papakura.

Browns Road: Named after Henry Brown, a local farmer. He purchased road metal for a shilling a drayload from Wiri Mountain, and wheeled it home laying the foundation for Browns Road.

Buller Crescent: Named after Russ Buller, a Manurewa Borough Councillor and railwayman.

Burbank Avenue: Named by Mrs Rowan, after the variety of plum.

Burlington Place: Named by Mrs Rowan, after the variety of plum.

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Street names beginning with C

Caley Court: Named after the tree.

Caley Crescent: Named after the tree.

Cambridge Road: The Paul farm subdivision was named after a University town in England.

Carnoustie Drive: Named after the famous golf course in England.

Celadon Place: Named after a mineral rock.

Charles Prevost Drive: Named after a wool buyer and horse trainer who owned Totara Park.

Christmas Road: Named after Constable Ted Christmas. In 1939 he was Manurewa's first resident policeman.

Churchill Avenue: Named after Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister and Statesman.

Clark Road: Named after Mr and Mrs Joe Clark, who had a plant nursery in Clark Road. He was also a Manurewa Borough Councillor.

Claude Road: Named after Claude Basley, who lived on an adjoining farm.

Clayton Road: Named after Captain Matthew T. Clayton, a sailor, farmer and artist.

Clendon Road: named after Captain James Reddy Clendon. The New Zealand government gave him 10,000 acres of land, stretching from Papatoetoe to Papakura, and from Puhinui Road and part of Boundary Road to Brookby, and along Ranfurly and Weymouth Roads to the coast. This was in exchange for land he had in the Bay of Islands, which was taken to be the seat of government. Clendon was present at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi as the American Consul. Clendon School was named by Barbara Dreadon.

Clist Crescent: Named after a drainage inspector with Manukau City Council.

Coles Crescent: Named after Mr A. Cole, a building inspector with Manukau City Council.

Collie Street: Named after Adam Collie, a sheep farmer.

Corin Avenue: Named after Tommy Corin, the first Chairman of the Town Board. He was a house builder and made the first tar-sealed road with a concrete curb in Manurewa.

Costar Place: Named after Charlie Costar, a builder who lived in Orams Road near Totara Park.

Coxhead Road: Named after Charlie Coxhead, farmer and drover.

Crampton Place: Named after Kevin Crampton, who trained horses.

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Street names beginning with D

Dagenham Street: Named after the landowner, the land was subdivided by Universal Homes.

Dalgety Drive: Named after Dalgety's woolstore. The land was a dairy farm owned by John Smyth until 1958, when he sold it to Dalgety's.

Dalmahoy Place: Named after a golf course in Scotland.

Damian Way: Named after a racehorse.

David Avenue: Named after David Nathan.

Davies Avenue: Named after Mr G.S. Davies, Manurewa Borough Town Clerk and Manukau City Council Properties Manager.

De Loage Place: Named after the French version of Bloggs, who was the subdivider.

Dennis Avenue: Named after Dennis Nathan.

Deodar Place: Named after the police vessel.

Deveron Road: Named by George Smith after Devon in England.

Dissmeyer Drive: Named after a Manukau City Council Town Planning officer.

Dittmer Place: Named after an army man.

Dr Pickering Avenue: Named after Sir William Pickering, by Mayor Harry Beaumont. Pickering was involved in the American Space programme.

Dreadon Road: John Dreadon was a farmer who organised the Homai Railway Station to be built, and donated five hundred Pounds towards it. He also donated the land for the Station and the overhead bridge. Mr Alexander and Mr Masters also helped with the finances.

Druces Road: Named after Ralph Druce, a local farmer.

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Street names beginning with E

Earl Richardson Avenue: Named after one of the first Manukau City Councillors.

Earls Court: Named after the Earl and Countess of Orford, on whose land this is.

Eddowes Street: Named after Jack Eddowes, local farmer and landowner.

Ellen Street: George McDougal subdivided this land, formerly a swamp, and named it after his wife Ellen.

Elmwood Place: Named after the tree.

Estuary Road: Leads to Waimahia Creek and the Weymouth estuary.

Evans Road: Named after John Evans, who had the store at Weymouth on Beihlers Road. He also ran the bus from Weymouth to Manurewa.

Everglade Drive: Named by Ann Smyth because of the trees in this area.

Eugenia Rise: Named after the tree.

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Street names beginning with F

Felicia Place: Named after the plant.

Fellbrook Street: Named after a local farmer.

Ferguson Street: Named after William Ferguson, a former Mayor of Manurewa Borough, who sold the Greenmeadows block to the Council. He had a dairy farm there, and raised Jersey cows.

Fields Road: Named after Theo Fields, an early resident.

Finlayson Avenue: Named after a Mr Finlay, a local farmer.

Flamingo Court: Named by Ann and Ransom Smyth in keeping with the trees and water around this area.

Fleming Street: Named after Mr T.J. Fleming, solicitor for the Manurewa Town Board and Borough.

Frances Street: Named after Frances Mullions, the wife of one of the two men who jointly owned the land in this area. The other wife was Grace Keys.

Frangipani Place: Named after the flower.

Frank Place: Named after Frank Nathan.

Freshney Place: Named after Charles Freshney, who owned Wattle Farm and land in Manurewa. He also planted oak trees in Alfriston Road.

Friedlanders Road: Named after Max Friedlander, a German Jew and local farmer.

Furlong, The: Named for the racing industry.

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Street names beginning with G

Gainsborough Street: Named after the English landscape painter. The land was subdivided by Neil Housing.

Gambare Place: Named after a famous ocean racing yacht of the 1970s.

Garth Place: Named after Garth Vipond, who worked for the Manukau City Council Planning Department.

Gallaher Street: Named after George Gallaher, a builder and Manurewa Town Board Chairman. Known as a "real gentleman".

Gibbons Road: Named after Nicholas Gibbons, a farmer and bushman of Weymouth.

Gibbs Road: Named after Harold W. Gibbs, a carrier and timber merchant.

Gladding Street: Named after Mr Gladding, a painter.

Gleneagles Grove: Named after the golf course in Scotland, near Perth.

Glenora Road: This was the race course road.

Gloaming Place: Named after a racehorse.

Gloucester Road: Named by George Smith, who subdivided the land, after Gloucester in England.

Goldnib Place: Named after a racehorse.

Goodwood Drive: Named after the Walter's race horse, from Takanini.

Grand Vue Road: Named by Mr W.T. Cox, an early resident.

Granite Place: Named after the semi-precious stone.

Grebe Street: Named after the bird.

Greenmeadows Avenue: Named after Lee and Ferguson's farm, William Ferguson was the manager.

Grevillea Court: Named after the tree.

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Street names beginning with H

Hadley Wood Drive: Named after a golf course.

Hakea Place: Named after the native tree.

Hall Road: Renamed Halver Road, it was where the Manurewa Town Hall was situated.

Halsey Road: Named after Admiral Halsey. The road used to have a gate at each end of it.

Halver Road: Formerly Hall Road, it was renamed after a general from the First World War.

Hanan Place: Named after the Hon. Josiah Ralph Hanan, a Minister of Justice.

Harrow Place: Named after Harrow in England.

Hazards Road: Named after George Hazard of Weymouth.

Healy Road: Named after Mr Healy, who with Allan Watt and Mr White subdivided the area.

Heybridge Street: Named after the place in England.

Hill Road: This was the name of a school in England attended by L.D. Nathan. It was also the road leading up the hill in Manurewa.

Hillcrest Road: This was the hill on the crest of the road off Hill Road.

Hinton Place: Named after a local resident.

Hobart Crescent: Named after the Australian City.

Hobill Road: Named after a local farmer.

Hollinbrigg Place: Harry Beaumont named this after Holmbridge in Huddersfield, England. There was a holly tree beside the bridge.

Holmes Road: Named after Mr J. Holmes, farmer and family man.

Hooks Road: Named after Cyril Hooks who subdivided this small farmlet. He was a Manukau City Council inspector.

Hoylake Place: Named after a golf course in England.

Hutt Road: This was in the Beaumont subdivision, and named after the Hutt Timber Company who were the developers.

Hyde Street: Named after Mrs Hyde, who owned land in the area.

Hyperion Drive: Named after a racehorse.

Hywell Place: Named after the place in England.

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Street names beginning with I

Idesia Place: Named after the tree with berries.

Ihaka Place: Named after a Māori Reverend.

Ilex Place: Named after the holly evergreen tree.

Inlet Road: This is where the inlet for the creek was.

Innesmara Avenue: Named after a famous ocean racing yacht.

Inverell Place: Named after the frigate.

Iona Place: Named after the ship.

Iorangi Place: Named after the Nathan's boat.

Iris Avenue: Named after the plant.

Islay Place: Named after the place in Scotland.

Ixia Place: Named after the plant.

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Street names beginning with J

Jack Conway Avenue: Named after Jack Conway, a Manukau City Councillor, long standing member of St John's and a Civil Defence leader.

Jellicoe Road: Named after the Earl of Jellicoe, a former Governor of New Zealand.

Jenkins Road: Named after Dr C.C. Jenkins, who lived on the corner of Great South Road and Corin Avenue. He was Manurewa's first resident doctor.

Jill Place: Named after Jill, the wife of Frank Nathan.

John Walker Drive: Named after the famous Manurewa Olympian.

Jutland Road: Named after the First World War battle at Jutland.

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Street names beginning with K

Kaamaplii Place: Named after a golf course in Hawaii.

Kahurangi Place: Named after the Nathan's yacht.

Kay Road: Named after Mr H. Kay, Manurewa Borough Council Town Clerk.

Kelvyn Grove: This was on Mr C. Coxhead's farm, Maurice Dreadon put the road in.

Kendall Court: Named after a Manukau City Council typist.

Kent Road: Named by George Smith, who once lived in Kent, England.

Kerrs Road: Named after the Kerr brothers who farmed and milked cows in the area, the road was originally a lane.

Kerrydale Avenue: Named by Jim Watson, who had a local poultry farm and was a land agent. His daughter was called Kerry.

Kindergarten Drive: Named after a racehorse.

Kirama Avenue: Named after a racehorse.

Kirton Crescent: Named after Neil Kirton, a Manurewa Borough Councillor.

Kiwi Road: Renamed Kohiwi Road.

Knights Road: Named after Harold Knight, a Manurewa Borough Councillor.

Knox Road: Named after Mr Knox, who subdivided his smallholding.

Kohiwi Road: Formerly Kiwi Road, kohiwi is Māori for digging a ridge.

Kowhai Road: Named by Alf Simons after the native tree. Simons was a saw doctor, farmer, developer and businessman.

Kuripaka Crescent: Māori for quarrel over a dog.

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Street names beginning with L

Lambie Drive: Hugh Lambie was the first Manukau City Council Mayor, having previously been a Chairman of the Manukau County Council.

Lane Road: Named after Gerald Lane, a Weymouth boat builder.

Larkspur Court: Named after the plant.

Laurelai Road(?): Named after the plant.

Lawrence Crescent: Named after Lawrence Nathan. Another road in the Nathan Park subdivision.

Lawson Road: Named after Mrs Lawson who owned this Weymouth property.

Lemonwood Place: Named after the tree.

Lomas Place: Named after a local poultry farmer, who subdivided his land.

Lucas Road: Named after Oswald Lucas, a "jack of all trades" who was also a poultry farmer and glass house owner.

Lupton Road: Named after Charles H. Lupton, a farmer, public benefactor, house builder, and member of the School Committee and former Chairman of the Town Board. It was later renamed Sparton Road.

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Street names beginning with M

McAnalley Street: Named after Percy McAnalley, proprietor of the Bellbird Inn and Manukau Borough Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

McDivitt Street: Named by Mr Beaumont.

McDougall Street: Named after Neil McDougall who owned the Ardmore airstrip and land down the Great South Road. He was a member of the Manukau County Council.

McGreal Place: Named after John T. McGreal, a farmer of Weymouth.

McInnes Road: Named after John McInnes, who lived on a boat in the Manukau Harbour for many years, and was a trader in Weymouth.

McKean Avenue: Named after a local farmer. This was a Allan Watts, Healy and White subdivision.

McLaughlins Lane: Formerly McLaughlins Road.

McLaughlins Road: William McLaughlin was a farmer living by McLaughlins Mountain. He purchased land from Edward Gibbon Wakefield and the New Zealand Land Company, and was from Scotland. Now renamed McLaughlins Lane.

McLeod Road: Named after Alexander McLeod, a Weymouth fisherman.

McQuarrie Avenue: Named after Mr McQuarrie, a meat inspector and racehorse owner. He had a smallholding in Mahia Road.

McVilly Road: Named after a General Manager of Railways.

Mahia Road: Māori for working.

Maich Road: Formerly Massey Road, this was named after Mr J.A. Maich, the first principal of Manurewa High School, who was also the social officer for the Manurewa R.S.A.

Maida Vale: Named by Mrs Rowan.

Mail Road: Named after Mr Mail, who formed a company syndicate involved in subdivisions.

Maplesden Drive: Named after the consultant acting for the subdivider.

Marble Place: Named after the semi-precious mineral stone.

Marr Road: Named after Robin Henry (nicknamed Robert) Marr, a cabinetmaker and builder. He was upset at having to pay the expenses for having Marr Road developed.

Martin Road: Named after the Martin brothers, who farmed and owned a lot of land in Manurewa.

Massey Road: Named after Prime Minister Massey, who was also the M.P. for the Manurewa area from 1911 to 1925. It was later renamed Maich Road.

Mayo Road: Named after Gilbert Mayo, a digger of bores and wells.

Melia Grove: Named after the tree.

Mill Road: So named as there were many timber mills and a flax mill here.

Minton Place: Named by the Hunts after friend's "Minton House" in Minton, Reading.

Moncrief Avenue: Named after Ces Moncrief, a Manukau City Councillor.

MonDesir Avenue: French for my desire.

Montego Place: Named after the song and place "Montego Bay" in the Carribean.

Moor Park: Named after a golf course in England.

Morrin Street: Named after Cliff Morrin, a Manurewa Borough Councillor.

Morris Road: Mr Morris had a smallholding and a family of daughters. When he retired, he owned a Rugby car, and attended the cinema every Saturday night.

Mountfort Street: Named after Chris Mountford, a Manurewa Borough Councillor, Manukau City Councillor and Auckland Regional Authority representative.

Muirfield Street: Named after a golf course near Edinburgh in Scotland.

Myers Road: Named after a local resident.

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Street names beginning with N

Neens Place: Named after a Universal Homes typist.

Neilpark Drive: Named after Neil Park, a Housing Corporation supervisor.

Nesdale Road: Named after the Nestle factory, which was built on the Nestle subdivision.

Newhook Lane: Named after Peter Newhook, an engineer with the Manurewa Borough Council.

Nield Road: Named after Percy A. Nield, who had a blacksmith shop next to the Post Office on the Great South Road in Manurewa. He did a lot of horse shoeing for the Manurewa Borough Council.

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Street names beginning with O

Oak Road: Named after the tree.

Oakmont Place: Named after a golf course in the United States.

O'Connell Street: Named after Maurice O'Connell, a Manurewa Borough Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

Olive Road: Named after Olive Beaumont, the wife of Harry Beaumont, and in keeping with the trees in the area.

Orams Road: Named after a local resident, and Ministry of Works engineer.

Orb Avenue: Named after a brand name for roofing.

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Street names beginning with P

Pallant Street: Named after a Universal Homes engineer.

Palmers Road: Named after John Palmer, he and his wife farmed this area.

Palmetto Place: Named by the Smyths, after the tree.

Park Avenue: The road leads to a park.

Patricia Place: Named after Patricia Davies, wife of G.S. Davies after whom Davies Avenue was named.

Paulowina Place: Named after the tree.

Pawa Place: Named after the native tree.

Peguero Place: Named after a local farmer, and father of Bernie Ross.

Pinehurst Place: Named after a golf course in the United States.

Popes Road: Named after a horse trainer in Takanini.

Porchester Road: Formerly Morris Road.

Poutini Road: Named after the tree.

Prestwick Place: Named after a golf course near Ayr in Scotland.

Primrose Place: Named by Mrs Rowan.

Puriri Road: Named after the tree.

Putney Way: Named after the English railway station.

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Street names beginning with Q

Street names beginning with R

Ranfurly Road: Named after Lord Ranfurly.

Rangataua Road: Māori for army of people.

Ranger Place: Named after an old Auckland yacht.

Rangi Road: Māori for sky fathers.

Ransom Smyth Drive: Named after the owner of a grocery shop opposite the Manurewa Post office in Station Road. He owned land, and his wife, Ann, named a lot of streets in Manurewa.

Rarahu Place: Maori for yonder black pigment.

Rata Vine Drive: Named after the plant.

Rebecca Place: Named after Rebecca Hazard, who was one of the Gibbons family from Weymouth.

Redoubt Road: The road that led to St John's redoubt.

Ribot Place: Named after a famous racehorse.

Rimu Road: Named after the native tree.

Ririno Place: Māori for twisted cord.

Rogers Road: Named by Gordon McCallum after George Rogers, who had a shoe shop and was the first person to build a house in this street. In 1939 he was a taxi driver and a member of the Manurewa Fire Brigade. He was also a Manurewa Borough Councillor.

Romney Avenue: Named by Mrs Rowan. Romney sheep were farmed in this once rural area.

Ronald Place: Named after Ron Oak, a subdivider and builder.

Rondorlyn Avenue: Named after the children of the developed, Ron, Doreen and Lynette.

Ronwood Avenue: Named after Ron Wood, former City Manager of Manukau City Council.

Roscommon Road: Named after the Irish Earl of Roscommon.

Rosewood Place: Named after the tree.

Rothery Road: Named after contractors Wilson and Rothery.

Rowandale Avenue: Mr Rowan and wife Anita farmed in this area.

Roys Road: Named after Percy Roy, a farmer from Weymouth, who used a house here as his summer residence. He used a horse and cart for transport.

Ruby Street: Named after Ruby Eddowes.

Russell Road: Edward Russell, solicitor, owned land in this area, and Mr Fawcett tar sealed the road in earlier days.

Ruth Street: Named by Mr Lomas after Ruth Parkinson, the previous landowner. The land was obtained under the Public Works Act.

Ryan Place: Named after John Ryan, the subdivider.

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Street names beginning with S

Scotts Road: The Scotts lived in Alfriston, and both died of the flu within 24 hours of each other.

Seaward Place: Named by the subdivider, as it looked seaward.

Secretariat Place: Named by Mercantile Developments after a racehorse.

Selwyn Avenue: Named after Bishop Selwyn, as it led to the Anglican Church on Weymouth Road.

Sexton Road: Named after Arthur Clifton Axford Sexton, a lawyer with a wooden leg. He was an Independent Country Party (pro Social Credit) M.P. for the area from 1935 to 1938, and lived south of the first bend in Hill Road. Every day as soon as he saw the train coming he walked from home, getting there just in time.

Sharkey Street: Named after Braden Sharkey, Manukau City Councillor and former County Treasurer.

Sharland Avenue: Named after Sharland's, which had a large pharmaceutical factory in the area.

Shifnal Drive: Named after the racehorse Shifnal Chief.

Short Street: This was in the McDougal block.

Sime Road: Named after a Malaysian town known to the developer.

Siska Place: Named after a famous ocean racing yacht of the 1970s.

Smedley Street: Named after a Universal Homes surveyor.

Solo Place: Named after a famous ocean racing yacht of the 1970s.

Southview Place: So named as it faces south.

Sparton Road: Formerly Lupton Road, it was named after a racehorse.

St Annes Crescent: Named after a golf course in southern England.

St Johns Redoubt: Named after Major St John, who commanded the First Waikato Militia, and later became a Lieutenant Colonel. It was erected for protection against Māori attackers.

Station Road: The road leading to the Manurewa Railway Station.

Sterling Avenue: Named after Sterling Pharmaceuticals.

Sturdee Road: Named after a British Admiral, and located on the Kitchener estate.

Sunlands Drive: Named by Mrs Rowan after their property, originally named by Edward Russell.

Sunningdale Street: Named after a golf course in England.

Sunwyn Place: Named by Charlie Beecroft after Sue his daughter, and Wyn his granddaughter.

Swallow Drive: Named by Bill Smart.

Sykes Road: Named after Ernest Sykes, farmer and builder.

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Street names beginning with T

Tampin Road: Named after a town in Malaysia known to Mr Tomlinson the developer.

Tawa Crescent: Named by Alf Sims, landowner, developer, saw doctor and businessman.

Te Motu Way: Formerly Goodwin Way, but changed due to new owners of the land.

Thompson Terrace: Named after a Manukau City Council engineer.

Tilia Place: Latin for tulip tree.

Tington Avenue: Named after a golf course in England.

Tironui Road: Māori for long road.

Tomlinson Street: Named after Jack Tomlinson, who was killed in a car accident in Australia. He owned a flower nursery and his wife was a Miss Brouder.

Topaz Place: Named after a precious rock.

Totara Park: Named by Enos S. Pegler.

Totara Road: Named after the native tree.

Tourmalin Place: Named after a semi precious rock.

Trentham Road: Named after the Army camp.

Trevor Hoskin Drive: Named after Dr Hoskin, who was killed in Canada during the Second World War during a training flight with the airforce. His parents owned the surrounding land.

Tui Crescent: Named after the native bird.

Tulloch Place: Named after a racehorse. Mr Streven subdivided the land, which was originally the Watkins farm and which ran pedigree Jersey cows.

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Street names beginning with U

Una Place: Named after Una Ross, from Ross Roofing.

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Street names beginning with V

Vernes Road: Named after a horse trainer.

Vista Place: It means view.

Volante Avenue: Named after a famous ocean racing yacht of the 1970's.

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Street names beginning with W

Waimahia Avenue: Māori for leading to the water.

Waimai Avenue: Māori for water action towards speaker.

Waimana Road: Māori for water for him or her.

Wairara Road: Māori for water road.

Wairere Road: Named after a waterfall in Totara Park.

Walpole Avenue: Named after Sir Horace and Lady Walpole, who owned the land before subdivision. The Earl came to New Zealand for health reasons, and was a descendant of Sir Robert Walpole, Prime Minister of England in 1721 and created Earl of Orford in 1722.

Walter Strevens Drive: Named after a farmer, and Queen Street, Auckland shoe merchant. He served on both the Manukau and Auckland City Councils.

Walters Road: Named after a local family.

Wastney Road: Named after a local farmer.

Wattle Farm: Named after the wattle trees planted there, the area was subdivided by Roy Munnings.

Watts Road: Named after Allan Watts an engineer who surveyed this area, with Mr Healy and Mr White.

Weymouth Road: Named after Weymouth in England.

White Road: Named after Mr White, who with Mr Healy and Allan Watts, were the engineers who surveyed this area.

William Avenue: Named after William Eddowes.

Woodside Road: Now known as the Wiri district. Woodside was the original centre of settlement.

Wordsworth Road: Named after the English poet.

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Street names beginning with X


Street names beginning with Y

Yearsley Avenue: Named after a Universal Homes surveyor.

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Street names beginning with Z

Zircon Place: Named after a semi precious mineral.

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Auckland Libraries:Manurewa street names An alphabetical list of street names in the Manurewa area, their origins and name changes.