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Quick guide to OverDrive

Sign up with OverDrive

To get eBooks on your Kobo Aura, Aura H2O, Touch 2.0, or Glo, sign up for an OverDrive account .

On the OverDrive website, click 'Sign up' on the top right corner. 

'Sign up' highlighted by a red box.


We recommend entering your name, email address and password rather than signing up using library card or Facebook. 
Buttons to Sign up using library card and Facebook, fields for name, email and password, and a Sign up button.

Kobo Aura ONE

The Kobo Aura ONE works a little differently to most eReaders. You can 
download eBooks directly through the Kobo Aura ONE. 

Auckland Libraries:OverDrive eBooks: Kobo eReaders Information about using OverDrive eBooks with a Kobo Aura, Aura H2O, Touch 2.0, or Glo.