Auckland Libraries: OverDrive on eReader

OverDrive on eReader

Access eBooks on eReaders. See information below for different eReaders.



For the latest update from Kobo on devices that are supported or no longer supported, visit the Kobo help page .

Newer Kobo eReaders

If your Kobo eReader is a/an:

  • Libra H2O
  • Forma
  • Aura ONE
  • Aura H2O Edition 2
  • Aura Edition 2 
  • Clara HD

You can download and read eBooks directly on your device.

Follow the OverDrive guide for newer Kobos. 

Older Kobo eReaders

If your Kobo eReader is a/an:
  • Aura
  • Aura H2O
  • Touch 2.0
  • Glo
You can read eBooks you've transferred from a computer using Adobe Digital Editions.

Before you get started

You will need an eBook vendor ID to authorise your Kobo.
Make note of the email address and password you used when you sign up. You will use these for your eBook vendor ID on Adobe Digital Editions.

Kobo tablets

If your Kobo eReader is a/an:

  • Arc
  • Arc HD

You can install OverDrive's Android app to borrow and read eBooks.

Follow the OverDrive guide for most digital devices. 


Unfortunately, most Kindle eReaders are not compatible with our eBook websites because they do not use the industry standard formats for eBooks (EPUB or PDF). Only Amazon Fire tablets are compatible.

Incompatible Kindle devices:

  • Kindle

  • Kindle DX

  • Kindle Keyboard

  • Kindle Paperwhite

  • Kindle Touch

  • Kindle Voyage

  • Kindle Oasis

Compatible Kindle devices:

  • Kindle Fire

  • Kindle Fire HD

  • Kindle Fire HDX

If your Kindle device is compatible as listed, follow the OverDrive guide for most digital devices. 

Auckland Libraries:OverDrive on eReader Follow this guide to access eBooks on eReaders.