Auckland Libraries: Niuean books for kids

Niuean books for kids

Celebrate Vagahau Niue, the language of Niue Island, with these adorable stories for young children.

Kuaka visits Niue

Vanessa Peterson

Experience the animals, foods, places and culture of Niue by following the journey of Kuaka, a native New Zealand godwit.

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The wooden drum

Vivaliatama Elesoni. Talagi

The old wooden drum has many voices, telling people many useful things. Then a fierce cyclone comes and the drum slowly falls silent forever.

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Ko e maala talo ha Tono

Tiva Toeono

Tono helps his father plant talo in their back garden.

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Ko e barracouta po ke long john?

Lomeli Wally. Ranfurly

The author tells of an incident from his childhood when his parents sent him to the shop to buy bread. He soon discovers that differently shaped loaves have different names.

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Ko e tīvaevae ma Rōpati

Maria Samuela

A little girl helps her grandmother prepare a tīvaevae for her uncle's wedding.

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Koloa uho ha Mele

Melenaite Malaʻefoʻou

Mele has just lost her grandmother. Mele misses her very much and often thinks about the special times they spent together. One day, Mele is surprised when she discovers her grandmother's favourite locket in an unexpected place.

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Peka mo kuma

Iris B. Lui

A sweet story about bats and rats.

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Aiani mo e pia aitu

Lino Nelisi

When Aiani and her family visit relations on Niue, Aiani learns how to make pia, a favourite dish, and she is told to watch very carefully in case a ghost steps in it.

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Ko e pelē kilikiki

Lino Nelisi

When Mum's cricket team is short of one player, Animoe gets the chance to play her favourite game.

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Feua lototoa ha Sake

Lisa Fuemana-Foaʻi

A play about Sake, a young crab, who doesn't like staying home and thinks it is time for adventure. The plot is based on Sake's attempt to find one. All his friends warn him of the dangers out in the world, but he doesn't listen!

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