Auckland Libraries: Top 10 nonfiction

Top 10 nonfiction

The top 10 nonfiction titles, curated by our librarians for the latest Auckland Libraries Top 100 list.

21 lessons for the 21st century

Yuval N. Harari

This book is a probing and visionary investigation into today’s most urgent issues. As technology advances faster than our understanding of it, hacking becomes a tactic of war, and the world is more polarized than ever.

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Wild journeys

Bruce Ansley

One of New Zealand's best writers retraces a diverse array of wild and fascinating journeys. From George Wilder's prison escape route through the volcanic plateau to the search for the grey ghost in Fiordland, these are weird and wonderful stories.

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Boys will be boys

Clementine Ford

Ford examines what needs to change for equality to become a reality. It answers the question most asked, 'How do I raise my son to respect women and give them equal space in the world?' The world needs to change and this book shows the way.

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Ottolenghi simple

Yotam Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi presents 130 streamlined recipes packed with his signature Middle Eastern-inspired flavours. Each dish can be made in 30 minutes or less, with 10 or fewer ingredients, in a single pot!

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Brief answers to the big questions

Stephen Hawking

Hawking leaves us with his final thoughts on the universe's biggest questions and his personal view on the challenges we face as a human race, and where we, as a planet, are heading next.

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Headlands tells the real, messy story behind New Zealand's mental health - what anxiety feels like, what causes it, what helps and what doesn't. These accounts are sometimes raw and confronting, but they all seek one thing, progress.

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New Zealand and the Sea: Historical Perspectives: 2018

Frances Steel

New Zealand's history is steeped in the sea. While they have continually shaped and altered the marine environment, the ocean, too, has shaped their lives. This book challenges the conventional view that history unfolds on land.

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Pathway of the birds

Andrew Crowe

This book casts light on a neglected epoch of world history, one that saw Polynesians expand their territory across the world's largest ocean. Crowe has assembled a wide range of research into one enormous jigsaw.

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The library book

Susan Orlean

Orlean chronicles the Los Angeles Public Library fire and its aftermath to showcase the larger, crucial role that libraries play in our lives, from their humble beginnings to their current status as a cornerstone of national identity.

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Ghost South Road

Scott Hamilton

On their journeys up and down the Great South Road, Hamilton, Janma and Powell have learned how the route's tragic past affects its present, and discovered the ways in which the road connects as well as divides the communities that live alongside it.

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