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Crown Lynn afternoon tea

Saturday 6 October 1pm to 3pm Free

New Lynn Library and Portage Ceramics Trust will host a free afternoon tea to celebrate the deep cultural history of the Crown Lynn Potteries.

Crown Lynn potteries.
The event will include live demonstrations, talks and an opportunity for people to share their stories of working at Crown Lynn in our 'Reunion Corner'. There will also be pottery painting stall providing an opportunity to recreate some of the Crown Lynn Māori designs. 

Crown Lynn was an influential contributor to West Auckland’s industry and culture, and a key employer from the mid-late 20th century. By the 1960s its pottery had become a popular household feature. In the 1960s and 1970s many Māori and Pacific Island communities migrated to West Auckland to work in local industries and made up a large part of the Crown Lynn workforce. Māori culture influenced the Wharetana range of ceramics and a specially commissioned dinnerware set for Air New Zealand’s DC8 jetliners.
Crown Lynn potteries.

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