Auckland Libraries: Gig posters of Aotearoa

Gig posters of Aotearoa

Monday 20 May - Wednesday 5 June Free

As part of NZ Music Month, we’ve created a timeline of New Zealand gig posters from the 1980s to today. These posters came from the artists who designed them, and the fans and collectors who kept them.

We wanted to show a snapshot of different eras in the NZ music scene, and how poster art has changed from the early days of screen printing to when photoshop kicked in. We were looking for posters with a story behind them, as well as ones that stood out and added to the range of styles. 

We have a few from people's personal collections, found stashed away in Mum’s attic, or carefully stored in a box in the spare room. The newer posters were backed up on hard drives by artists and venues and were easier to track down. We’re grateful to all our contributors and our sponsor Prontoprint for helping us put this exhibition together.

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