Auckland Libraries: Talking poetry

Talking poetry

Second Monday of every month 12pm to 2pm Free

Reading, discussing and writing poetry.

Book with the word poetry written on the page

​Come along and join a group of people who enjoy reading, discussing and writing poetry.

It was established that the Talking Poetry sessions will always include the first two topics below, the second topic to follow the first with a break in between:

1. Each person may present any poem or poetry book they like and tell us why they like it with discussion following.

2. Writers of poetry may share a poem they have written, with a preamble to introduce their poem.

Optionally a nominated poet and/or a challenge may be suggested by one of the group for the next meeting.

We may be being overly ambitious but hopefully, attendees of this social poetry group will find it entertaining and educational.

Book with the word poetry written on the page
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