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Inna’s parenting workshop

Tuesday 10 March 10am to 12pm Free

Come and explore the possibility of how you can parent as a guide to your children and create more ease in the journey of parenting.

Inna Neal.
Are you finding parenting stressful, seeing your children struggle through challenges and big emotions and just don't know how to help them? Do you find that you are having your own big emotions, maybe even having your own meltdowns and feeling guilty after? Then this 2-hour interactive talk is for you. 

Inna Neal shares what is happening for your children biologically in their minds and bodies, practical research-based tools and techniques on how to support them in moving through big emotions, reduce stress, improve family relationships, how to stay present and calm in the midst of chaos and create deep, lasting connections between parents and their children. 

Inna Neal is a Certified Wisdom & Intuitive-Transformational Life Coach. She teaches a powerful system of empowerment and healing. One that she uses through her own experiences and with her clients through workshops, speaking engagements, one on one coaching and mentoring. She mentors children, parents and individuals' worldwide teaching empowerment and living fully and consciously. 

Inna Neal.

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