Auckland Libraries: "No Māori allowed"

Untold story of racial segregation

Wednesday 22 July 12pm to 1pm Free

Author and lecturer Dr Robert E. Bartholomew presents his book No Māori Allowed, which tells the untold story of Māori racial segregation.

No Māori Allowed by Dr Robert Bartholomew
There was a time when Māori were… 

  • Barred from public toilets 
  • Segregated at the cinema & swimming pools 
  • Refused alcohol, haircuts & taxi rides, 
  • Forced to stand for white bus passengers, 
  • Not allowed to attend school with other students. 
It happened in the South Auckland town of Pukekohe. From 1925 to the early 1960s, hundreds of Māori infants and children died there in the racially segregated slums where they were forced to live in shacks and manure sheds on the edge of town, away from European residents. 

Using records from the National Archives and firsthand interviews, No Maori Allowed looks at what happened at Pukekohe and the extent of racial intolerance across the country at this time. 

  • In Hamilton, stores refused to let them try on pants 
  • On K Road in Auckland, shops signs read ‘No Credit for Māori’ 
  • Councils jacked up prices for state houses to keep them out of ‘white’ neighbourhoods 
  • Hospitals had segregated maternity wards and gave them less expensive cutlery 
  • Banks and shops had official policies of not hiring ‘coloureds’ 

Dr Robert E. Bartholomew 
Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Auckland Senior History Teacher, Botany Downs Secondary College 
Bigger than me. Bigger than all of us. The uncensored history of Māori. 


Dr Robert BartholomewRobert Bartholomew is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland. He has published on such diverse topics as hoaxes, social panics, popular delusions, mass psychogenic illness, the history of tabloid journalism, pseudoscience, racial intolerance, and cultural relativism.

Born on a dairy farm on the New York-Canadian border, Robert is now a New Zealand citizen who began his career as a journalist for several New York State radio stations. He has published over a dozen books and in many prominent medical journals. Robert was featured in a recent National Geographic series on modern myths. He teaches History at Botany Downs Secondary College. 

His books include: American Intolerance: Our Dark History of Demonizing Immigrants (with Anja Reumschüssel, 2018); A Colorful History of Popular Delusions (with Peter Hassall, 2015), and Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior (with Hilary Evans, 2009).

This event will be held in the Whare Wānanga on level 2 of Central City Library.

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No Māori Allowed by Dr Robert Bartholomew

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