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Code Club Aotearoa

Karapu tuhinga muna o Aotearoa

Every Saturday 10am to 11am Free

Code Club helps kids in years 5-8 get a jump start into IT .

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Come along to Albany Library and try your hand at coding!

To help Kiwi kids get a jump-start into modern IT and the new Digital Technologies curriculum, a group of IT professionals have formed a not-for-profit called Code Club. Code Club is offering free basic software training to children in years 5-8. 

This course will cover the core concepts of computer programming, software design and small-scale Internet of Things projects using Netduino and external sensors.

Kiwi kids now have a chance to create web and mobile apps quickly and offer them to a global market instantly. With a basic understanding of programming, design and a big imagination, the world can be your oyster.

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