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Tokelauan books for kids

Celebrate Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau with these Tokelauan books for young children.

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Ko loto o toku fale = Inside my house

A book in Tokelauan and English about the rooms inside your house.

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Ko nā fuainumela = Numbers 1-10

A book in Tokelauan and English counting numbers 1 to 10.

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Ko na lanu = Colours

A language reader in Tokelauan providing a simple introduction to colour.

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Bettina Ikenasio-Thorpe

Learn about colours in Tokelau and English.

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Tokelauan for kids

1968- Jahri Jah Jah

Learn to speak words and phrases in Tokelauan.

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Ko nā vāega o te tino = Parts of the body

A reader for children in Tokelauan naming the parts of the body.

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Vaitoa Baker

A teacher takes his class to a swimming pool where there is a mural of sea creatures. During the swimming lesson the children imagine what it would be like if the creatures came to life and joined them in the pool.

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Ko te tokotoko o toku tupuna

Emeli Sione

Alo, the eldest grandson takes on the responsibility of being a support for his grandfather.

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Ko te mauaga o ō tātou tupuga

Damon Ieremia Salesa

Explores the origin and spread of the first Pacific peoples up to the emergence of Polynesian ancestors about three thousand years ago.

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Ko te polo kilikiti na galo

Teresa Manea. Pasilio

Telima looked under his bed, on the shelves, in the garage for his cricket ball, and still no luck. With the help of his baby brother, they find it in a very unusual place.

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