Auckland Libraries: Meaningful map

Auckland and the meaningful map

Wednesday 23 October - Wednesday 6 November Free

What stories can you share to show us what Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland means to you?

Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections ​NZ Map 4647

Maps cannot always be entirely trusted, only representing part of a story and making things seem simpler than they are.

In this installation, portrayals of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland have been created by various mapmakers with different skillsets and purposes, from colonisers to cave explorers to community leaders. Each mapmaker sees something distinctive and unique within the same landscape. 

We invite you to collaborate in the creative mapping resistance by adding your perspective to this collection of alternative elements - of the chance encounters, thrills and adventures, safe havens, animal habitats and glorious dreams that have made this city what it is. Each experience will be used to create a new map. 

23 October - 6 November, Ground floor, Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero, Central City Library.

Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections ​NZ Map 4647


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