Fees and charges

Fees and charges

Information about fees and charges for library collections and services.

Borrowing fees

Description Loan periods Fees
Books 28 days Free
Magazines 14 days (no renewals) Free
Downloadable media 7, 14 or 21 days (renewals for some platforms) Free
Audiobooks 28 days Free
Language courses  28 days Free
Choral/Orchestral sets and sheet music with parts 90 days Free
Sheet music 28 days Free
Children's CDs and audio books 28 days Free
Music CDs  14 days $2.10
Rental DVDs  7 days $2.10
Console games  14 days $5.20
Rental DVDs over 6 hours  28 days $5.20
Top Picks  14 days $6.00


Overdue charges - per item, per day

Description  Charges
Children's and teens' items (excluding rentals)  None
Books  $1.00
Magazines  $1.00
Audiobooks  $1.00
Language courses $1.00
Music CDs $1.00
All rental DVDs  $1.00
Sheet music $1.00
Choral/Orchestral sets and sheet music with parts $2.00
All Top Picks $2.00
Console games  $2.00


Request charges 

Description Charge
Placing a request Free
Uncollected requests charge (only applies to Adult memberships) $2.00


Interloans charges

Item Charges
NZ loan $5.20
NZ copy $10.30
Urgent loan or copy + any additional charges $20.70
International loan or copy + international charges $20.70
Overdue charge (per day, per item) $1.00


Printing and photocopying charges

Description Charges
A4 - Black and white 20c
A4 - Colour $1
A3 - Black and white 40c
A3 - Colour $2


Heritage collections charges

Heritage collections are located at the Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Central City Library and the research centres in Auckland Central City Library, Henderson Library, Manukau Library, and Takapuna Library.

Digitised heritage collections are available in the Digital Library.

Research and article supply (including newspapers) Charges
Charges apply to in-depth research, including whakapapa and family history, and the retrieval and supply of articles, including community newspapers. NOTE: Fees exclude photocopying, printing, and postage charges.
Research fee - first 30 mins Free
Research fee (per half hour)  - over 30 mins $20.70
Image supply Charges
Many images can be freely downloaded from heritage websites in the Digital Library. Copyright restrictions may apply.
Printouts - B/W or colour (A4) $2.10
Printouts - B/W or colour (cropped A4) $5.20
TIFF/JPEG files (per image) $15.50
Supply of images on disc/USB $8.30
B/W or colour prints – 4x6 inches (11x16cm) $7.20
B/W or colour prints – 5x7 inches (13x18cm) $9.30
B/W or colour prints – 6x8 inches (15x20cm) $13.40
B/W or colour prints – 10x8 inches (20x25cm) $20.70
B/W or colour prints – 10x12 inches (25x30cm) $30.00
B/W or colour prints – 10x15 inches (25x38cm) $40.30
Reproduction fees Charges
Commercial use of images (per image) $103.30
In-house photography Charges
Photographs (per image) - Sir George Grey Special Collections only $15.50
Supply of images on disc/USB $8.30
On-site photography using own camera Charges
Photography allowed with staff guidance. Some restrictions may apply. Free
Publications Charges
Real Gold: treasures of Auckland City Libraries $51.70
Family history booklet $8.30

Room hire

Some libraries have rooms for hire - please contact the relevant library to discuss price and availability.

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