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Find out what's new and cool! Fun and fascinating fiction and nonfiction for pre-school and school age kids. This list updates when we add new titles to our collection.

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The happy garden  by Peter Bland

The happy garden

Peter Bland

Peter Bland's collected poems for children are a major addition to a poetic presence spanning over sixty years. He began writing these poems for his own children in the 1950s, and has continued ever since.

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L. M. Montgomery  by Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Vegara

L. M. Montgomery

Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Ve...

New in the Little People, Big Dreams series, discover the incredible life of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the famous writer, in this true story of her life. With stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, this empowering series celebrates...

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Science  by Chris Woodford


Chris Woodford

Discusses key concepts in biology, physics, chemistry, and other scientific fields, and includes fast fact boxes, images and diagrams, and information about key scientists and their work.

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Earth verse  by Sally M. Walker

Earth verse

Sally M. Walker

A collection of haiku poems celebrates the planet Earth, including such topics as rocks, earthquakes, fossils, volcanoes, and the water cycle. Includes Earth sciences fact pages.

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Riding a donkey backwards  by Sean Taylor

Riding a donkey backwards

Sean Taylor

"A collection of 21 riotous tales and riddles about the Mullah Nasruddin. Why does Mulla Nasruddin spoon yoghurt into the river? What is the reason he rides his donkey backwards? Why does he paint a picture that is blank? And is he crazy to move into...

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Mammals  by Lisa J. Amstutz


Lisa J. Amstutz

Pull back the curtain on the wide, wide world of mammals! Organized by animal-science reference topics such as anatomy, life cycle, and methods of defense, Mammals lets young readers and browsers discover these hairy animals through full-color photos...

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Humans and the hydrosphere  by Ava Sawyer

Humans and the hydrosphere

Ava Sawyer

Presents how humans use water, positively and negatively affect water, and how to protect the water supply.

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Reptiles  by Janet Riehecky


Janet Riehecky

"Presenting turtles, lizards, snakes, alligators, and crocodiles! Reptiles is a photo-filled animal-science reference book for young readers and browsers. Not only will kids discover basic topics such as habitat, anatomy, and diet, but they'll also be...

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Birds  by Pamela Dell


Pamela Dell

Take to the skies with songbirds and raptors, and waddle with some flightless birds, too! Organized by animal-science reference topics such as anatomy, migration, and life cycle, Birds introduces young readers and browsers to these feathered animals ...

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Crustaceans  by Emma Carlson Berne


Emma Carlson Berne

Presenting crabs, shrimp, lobsters, barnacles, and krill! Crustaceans is an eye-catching animal-science reference book for young readers and browsers. Covering all the basic topics, including habitat, anatomy, and diet, Crustaceans allows kids to get...

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Amphibians  by Emma Carlson Berne


Emma Carlson Berne

Shine the science spotlight on frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and caecilians! Organized by reference topics such as habitat, anatomy, and diet, Amphibians introduces young readers and browsers to these water-dependent animals through vibrant full-...

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Arachnids  by Pamela Dell


Pamela Dell

Say hello to spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks! Arachnids is a colorful photo-filled animal-science reference book for young readers and browsers. Not only will kids discover basic topics such as habitat, anatomy, and diet, but they'll also be treated...

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Insects  by Janet Riehecky


Janet Riehecky

Say hello to bees, ants, butterflies, and more! Insects is a colorful photo-filled animal-science reference book for young readers and browsers. Not only will kids discover basic topics such as habitat, anatomy, and diet, but they'll also find fun topics...

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Eye-opening earth science activities  by Rani Iyer

Eye-opening earth science activities

Rani Iyer

"Provides step-by-step instructions for activities demonstrating earth science concepts and explanations for the concepts presented"--

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Amazing life science activities  by Rani Iyer

Amazing life science activities

Rani Iyer

"Provides step-by-step instructions for activities demonstrating life science concepts and explanations for the concepts presented"--

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Pokémon super deluxe essential handbook

Pokémon super deluxe essential handbook

"This revised and updated edition of the Essential Handbook and Deluxe Essential Handbook has all the stats and facts kids need to know about the world of Pokémon. Essential information on over 800 Pokémon is jam-packed into 496 illustrated, full-color...

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Trains  by Mari C. Schuh


Mari C. Schuh

Choo choo! The train is here! A freight train carries coal. A commuter train carries many workers. Don't blink! You might miss the bullet train zooming by. Give beginning readers a captivating close-up look at train parts and types.

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Ships  by Mari C. Schuh


Mari C. Schuh

See the ship floating by? It has tall sails. Tanker ships carry oil. Airplanes take off from aircraft carriers. Give beginning readers a captivating close-up look at ship parts and types.

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Totally amazing facts about reptiles  by Arnold Ringstad

Totally amazing facts about reptiles

Arnold Ringstad

"Curious kids will be enthralled with this dip-into and dip-out-of book loaded with quirky facts about reptiles. Even reluctant readers will be fascinated with the fun facts and eye-catching images and design on each page. Reptiles never looked so...

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The awesome night sky  by Kay Barnham

The awesome night sky

Kay Barnham

Beautifully illustrated non-fiction explorations of nature's cycles. Look up into the night sky and learn all about constellations, shooting stars and satellites. This beautifully illustrated picture book shows the glorious night sky. 'Look and Wonder'...

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Resist  by Veronica Chambers


Veronica Chambers

"Before they were activists, they were just like you and me. From Frederick Douglass to Malala Yousafzai, Joan of Arc to John Lewis, Susan B. Anthony to Janet Mock--these thirty-five profiles of remarkable figures show us what it means to take a stand...

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Woolly mammoth  by Gary Jeffrey

Woolly mammoth

Gary Jeffrey

"Provides a revealing look at the Woolly Mammoth through a fictional graphic novel story, accompanied by nonfiction facts and fossil record information"--

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Roblox top adventure games  by Alex Wiltshire

Roblox top adventure games

Alex Wiltshire

Offers tips and tricks for more than forty adventures in Roblox, with interviews with the games' creators.

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Inside the world of Roblox  by Alexander Cox

Inside the world of Roblox

Alexander Cox

Presents an inside look at the Roblox world, introducing talented members of the community and providing insider information on the games.

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The glass of lead & gold  by Cornelia Funke

The glass of lead & gold

Cornelia Funke

In a land of elves, mermaids and trolls, true magic is where you least expect it... In the snow-covered city of Londra, young Tabetha survives by finding treasures in the mudbanks of the river Themse. On Christmas Eve, a sinister stranger asks her to...

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The ice monster  by David Walliams

The ice monster

David Walliams

London 1899. This is the story of a ten-year-old orphan and a 10,000-year-old mammal.--Provided by publisher.

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An anthology of intriguing animals  by Ben Hoare

An anthology of intriguing animals

Ben Hoare

"This is a children's animal encyclopedia with a twist. Alongside interesting facts are the stories and myths behind children's favourite animals as well as incredible pictures and stunning illustrations. Containing more than 100 species, this beautiful...

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Harry Potter: Imagining Hogwarts  by Bryan Michael Stoller

Harry Potter: Imagining Hogwarts

Bryan Michael Stoller

"Imagining Hogwarts is a fun, practical guide to making your very own movie set at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With guided activities on every aspect of moviemaking, from creating your own storyboard to making costumes and even postpr...

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The meltdown  by Jeff Kinney

The meltdown

Jeff Kinney

When snow closes Greg Heffley's middle school, he and his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, face a fight for survival as warring gangs turn the neighborhood into a wintry battlefield.

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Have sword will travel by Garth Nix

Have sword will travel

Garth Nix

"When Odo and Eleanor stumble upon an ancient sword in a river outside their village, something very unexpected happens...the sword starts to talk! Much to Odo's dismay he discovers that he's awoken a famous enchanted blade called Biter, and thus has...

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The karate Princess to the rescue by Jeremy Strong

The karate Princess to the rescue

Jeremy Strong

"When Princess Belinda rushes off to rescue her karate teacher, held captive by evil warlord Utagawa, she runs into trouble. Utagawa has an army of sumo wrestlers, and Belinda's very best karate fails to defeat them. Is she finally in for the chop?"-...

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Miraculous Miranda  by Siobhán Parkinson

Miraculous Miranda

Siobhán Parkinson

"A story about wishing for miracles by award-winning Siobhan Parkinson, I love Miranda and so will you - Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl Miranda has a Big Imagination, and always wins Word of the Day at school. When her sister Gemma is taken into...

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Not yet dark  by Simon P. Clark

Not yet dark

Simon P. Clark

''There are other places, Philippa. Other dreams and mirrors.' 15-year-olds Philippa and Danny have been best friends for years, but things are starting to change between them. Danny has a new set of friends - the rugby boys - and suddenly whispers of...

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Grandma Dangerous and the dog of destiny  by Kita Mitchell

Grandma Dangerous and the dog of destiny

Kita Mitchell

"Danger is her middle name! Ollie's dad is missing - but Grandma Dangerous is on the case! She has a hot-air balloon, thirty packets of biscuits and a pooch with magical powers (she says). But as they sail through the skies, Ollie realises they're not...

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Moth  by Holly Dunn


Holly Dunn

"Moths are creatures of night and shadow... But Moth isn't like the other moths. She doesn't like the light or the crowds, and the New Zealand forest is dark and dangerous for a moth out on her own. Will she find a friend before the sun comes up? Moth...

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At the end of Holyrood Lane   by Dimity Powell

At the end of Holyrood Lane

Dimity Powell

"Flick is just like any other youngster. She loves to chase butterflies and jump in autumn leaves. But life at the end of Holyrood Lane is often violent and unpredictable due to the constant storms that plague her home, causing her to cringe with dread...

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Grapple with the Greeks!  by Gary Northfield

Grapple with the Greeks!

Gary Northfield

"Grapple with the Greeks!, demi-god Heracles promises Julius and his chums a great reward if they can help him to find the lost Golden Apple. On this madcap new adventure, our unlikely heroes will confront the Minotaur in the labyrinth, trick a one.....

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Amelia Fang and the memory thief  by Laura Ellen Anderson

Amelia Fang and the memory thief

Laura Ellen Anderson

"Everyone's favourite little vampire. Amelia and her friends are taking part in a competition to visit Pumpkin Paradise Park - the most bloodcurdingly brilliant theme park ever! All they have to do is sell as many cookies as possible. But the creatures...

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A maths journey around extreme sports  by Hilary Koll

A maths journey around extreme sports

Hilary Koll

Go on a real-life maths journey to practise the core topics of numbers, geometry, statistics, ratio & proportion, algebra and measurement. Through data visualisation methods, including colourful diagrams, pictograms, illustrations, photographs and...

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Chessy, the Welsh pony  by Kelly Wilson

Chessy, the Welsh pony

Kelly Wilson

"Seven-year-old Amanda Wilson dreams of training her own wild pony, just as her sisters have done. Then comes the chance she has been waiting for - a muster of beautiful Welsh ponies that have run wild in the hills. Among them is Chessy, a striking s...

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We're going on an elf chase  by Martha Mumford

We're going on an elf chase

Martha Mumford

"Four bunnies set off on a jolly Christmas lift-the-flap adventure to find ten little elves hidden under the flaps. You'll have to run, run, run if you're going to catch them all! And there are lots of obstacles along the way, from clippy-cloppy reindeer...

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Porridge the Tartan Cat and the brawsome bagpipes  by Alan Dapré

Porridge the Tartan Cat and the brawsome bagpipes

Alan Dapré

"When Porridge was a wee kitten he toppled into a tin of tartan paint -- which is easy to do and not so easy to say. Now he lives by Loch Loch with the quirky McFun family: Gadget Grandad, Groovy Gran, Dino Dad, Mini Mum and the twins, Roaring Ross a...

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The little pig, the bicycle, and the moon  by Pierrette Dubé

The little pig, the bicycle, and the moon

Pierrette Dubé

"Rosie is a little pig determined to learn how to ride a bike and see the world, no matter how many mishaps it takes for her to get there!"--

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Global pollution  by Rachel Minay

Global pollution

Rachel Minay

"Humans are creating more pollution than ever before and this is threatening the balance of our planet and its perfect conditions for life. This book looks at the causes and effects of different types of pollution, considers the greenouse effect and what...

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Princess Snowbelle and the Snow Games  by Libby Frost

Princess Snowbelle and the Snow Games

Libby Frost

"Far away in the glistening land of Frostovia, Snowbelle and her brothers are preparing for the Snow Games contest. Snowbelle's best friend, Sparkleshine, and her brothers are competing too. As the first race starts, competition is fierce, but when S...

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Here come the llamas  by Laura Hambelton

Here come the llamas

Laura Hambelton

"Here Come the Llamas is a playful touch-and-feel book, full of energy, fun and of course, lots of cute llamas! Toddlers will laugh, shout, clap their hands and join in the fun as the simple text encourages them to point, count, match and talk about ...

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Lenny's book of everything  by Karen Foxlee

Lenny's book of everything

Karen Foxlee

"Lenny, small and sharp, has a younger brother Davey who won't stop growing - and at seven is as tall as a man. Raised by their single mother, who works two jobs and is made almost entirely out of worries, they have food and a roof over their heads, but...

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A dastardly plot  by Christopher Healy

A dastardly plot

Christopher Healy

"In 1883 New York, while trying to introduce her mother's flying machine to the men-only Inventors' Guild, twelve-year-old Molly uncovers a plot to destroy the World's Fair." --Publisher description.

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Twelve angels weeping  by Dave Rudden

Twelve angels weeping

Dave Rudden

"The winter festivals of Old Earth were a time to huddle together against the cold; a time to celebrate being halfway out of the darknesss. But thre are some corners of the universe that the light never touches. Who knows what lurks in the dark and the...

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Tricky's bad day  by Alison Lester

Tricky's bad day

Alison Lester

"Poor Tricky! Nothing is going right for him. Milk spills, pyjama buttons won't work, his little sister wrecks their game, and when he tries to help out, everything gets worse. Tricky's having a very bad day! Then Dad has an idea. Outside it's wild, ...

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Merci Suárez changes gears  by Meg Medina

Merci Suárez changes gears

Meg Medina

"Merci Suárez knew that sixth grade would be different, but she had no idea just how different. For starters, Merci has never been like the other kids at her private school in Florida, because she and her older brother, Roli, are scholarship students....

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Hammering for freedom  by Rita L. Hubbard

Hammering for freedom

Rita L. Hubbard

"The inspirational story of William Lewis. Born into slavery in Tennessee, William Lewis learned the blacksmith trade as soon as he was old enough to grip a hammer. He proved to be an exceptional blacksmith and earned so much money fixing old tools a...

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How to raise your grown-ups  by Lauren Child

How to raise your grown-ups

Lauren Child

The Bobton-Trent seniors certainly know how to make the most of their extravagant wealth – socialising, doing things, buying things and generally being more than a little bit … irresponsible… Luckily for them, their son Hubert Horatio...

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Horace and Harriet. Friends, Romans, Statues!  by Clare Elsom

Horace and Harriet. Friends, Romans, Statues!

Clare Elsom

"Harriet is seven. And seven eighths. Horace is seventeenth century. And a STATUE! When Harriet is about to go on a family mini-break to Italy, Horace goes missing from his plinth. Harriet discovers why as soon as she arrives in Rome: Horace has rocked...

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The call  by Michael Grant

The call

Michael Grant

A seemingly average twelve-year-old learns that he is destined to gather a team of similarly gifted children to try to save the world from a nameless evil, which is threatening to reappear after having been imprisoned for three thousand years.

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Operation ouch!  by Ben Elcomb

Operation ouch!

Ben Elcomb

Take a tour of one of the most complex, diverse and downright unusual places on the entire planet - the human body! Find out all about what makes YOU tick, from the wonders of the human brain to the tingling in your ticklish toes. From crazy bodily f...

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Ko 'emau tēniti puluú  by Sereima Lumelume

Ko 'emau tēniti puluú

Sereima Lumelume

After a cyclone destroys the village, the villagers show their resilience. Includes notes for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

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Silikana mo 'ene ngoue kakalá  by Seu'ula Fonua

Silikana mo 'ene ngoue kakalá

Seu'ula Fonua

Silikana is very fond of her sweet smelling garden but one morning as she flies over she notices something is dreadfully wrong, the plants have withered and need rain. Includes notes for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

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"Makes learning letters uniquely entertaining for the youngest Ripley's fan. 'ODDphabet' features colourful illustrations of animal characters based on amazing-but-true stories and facts. Amusing rhymes make learning your ABC's so much fun for everyo...

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Wacky 123.

Wacky 123.

"Count up to twelve with a variety of animals."--Publisher.

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Meet the heroes ... and the villains, too!  by Maggie Testa

Meet the heroes ... and the villains, too!

Maggie Testa

"Are you ready to meet the PJ Masks? Now you can learn all about Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as well as their mischievous foes, Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja!"--Back cover.

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Olaf's 1-2-3  by Olga T Mosqueda

Olaf's 1-2-3

Olga T Mosqueda

"Olaf the snowman counts from 1 to 10!"--Back cover.

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Euphemia  by Deborah Brookes


Deborah Brookes

"What can Euphemia wear to the Midsummer Fairy Ball when her wardrobe is worn and threadbare? Luckily a little help from her Fairy Godmother solves the problem!"--Cataloguer.

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The big dig  by Sally Anne Garland

The big dig

Sally Anne Garland

"Best friends Tig and Tog must learn to share and work together to dig a mystery object out - and their stick just isn't enough for the job! A tale of friendship, teamwork and learning to share."--

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Ten minutes to bed  by Rhiannon Fielding

Ten minutes to bed

Rhiannon Fielding

"Written specifically for bedtime, this story is full of magic, big paws, fluffy fur and little claws! Weaving a journey from lively beginning to gentle end, the 10 minute countdown to bed is at the heart of this enchanting story. But will the monsters...

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Bubbles  by Bhagavan Antle


Bhagavan Antle

"The inspiring story of a baby elephant rescued from ivory poachers, who was brought to America and became an ambassador for wildlife protection. Vivid photography and a captivating narrative convey to young readers the memorable tale of Bubbles, a r...

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I can fly  by Fifi Kuo

I can fly

Fifi Kuo

"Little Penguin wants to fly like the other birds but cannot, no matter how hard he tries, until his father helps him see what makes penguins special."--Publisher.

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Astronauts  by Hannah Wilson


Hannah Wilson

This irresistible reading series is sure to fire the imagination of young readers with its exciting range of high-interest topics and its great-looking, easy-to-follow design. Developed with literacy experts, this five-level graded reading series will...

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Space discoveries  by Tamra Orr

Space discoveries

Tamra Orr

"Imagine discovering new planets lightyears away or galaxies you never knew existed. Learn all about new and amazing space discoveries in these fun and engaging books reviewed by Smithsonian experts"-- Publisher description.

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Ocean discoveries  by Tamra Orr

Ocean discoveries

Tamra Orr

"Imagine a fish without a face, drones exploring the ocean floor and underwater waterfalls! Learn all about these amazing underwater discoveries and many more in these fun and engaging books reviewed by Smithsonian experts"-- Publisher description.

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The horror of World War II  by Nancy Dickmann

The horror of World War II

Nancy Dickmann

"Explore the history of World War II, from causes and effects to what made this period of history so deadly."--Publisher's description.

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Tyrannosaurus rex  by Daniel Nunn

Tyrannosaurus rex

Daniel Nunn

"This book takes a very simple look at the Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur, examining what it looked like, what it ate, how it behaved, and its special skills and features such as its enormous teeth and powerful jaws. The book also discusses how we know a...

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The Wizard of Oz  by Michel Laporte

The Wizard of Oz

Michel Laporte

"Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas with her aunt and uncle and her little dog Toto. Suddenly, a violent storm transports Dorothy to the land of Oz. Her only means of getting home is to follow the famous yellow brick road to meet with the famous wizard....

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The remarkable pigeon  by Dorien Brouwers

The remarkable pigeon

Dorien Brouwers

"When a pigeon lands in a zoo it is in awe of all the beautiful, exotic birds and begins to feel inadequate until the pigeon makes a discovery about itself."--

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The tall man and the small mouse  by Mara Bergman

The tall man and the small mouse

Mara Bergman

"All day long, the Tall Man does tall things that need doing, like picking apples and untangling swings and fixing all the broken things. But, one day, the huge town clock simply stops to TICK and TOCK and DING! Whatever will the Tall Man do? However...

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Nights with Dad  by Karen Hesse

Nights with Dad

Karen Hesse

"When the sun sets, Dad's night shift as a school caretaker is just beginning. What is it like to work at night, while the rest of the city is asleep? There's the smell of lilacs in the night air, the dusky motorway in the moonlight and glimpses of s...

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Where happiness lives  by Barry Timms

Where happiness lives

Barry Timms

"Three little mice. Three very different houses. But which is the happiest home? A timely tale about discovering true happiness and appreciating all that you have -- with flaps to lift and peep-through pages."--

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Invisible Jerry  by Adam Wallace

Invisible Jerry

Adam Wallace

"People don't notice Jerry. If someone bumps into him, they don't say sorry. If someone waves, it's always to somebody behind him. If he makes a joke, no one laughs. He never gets picked last for sports teams -- but that's because he never gets picked...

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Mince Spies  by Mark Sperring

Mince Spies

Mark Sperring

"Who or what is destroying all the Christmas treats in the supermarkets? Santa sends his Mince Spies on a secret mission to uncover the culprits. With puff-pastry jetpacks, shortcrust walkie-talkies and squirty whipped cream they foil the villains - with...

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My bed is an air balloon  by Julia Copus

My bed is an air balloon

Julia Copus

"This book has two front covers. The text can be read from front to back and vice versa. The mirror form poem meets in the middle in a stunning centerpiece image as the two children in the story (twins, one in an air balloon, the other a sailing boat)...

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A whisper from Grey  by Louise Greig

A whisper from Grey

Louise Greig

"Shhhh! Can you hear that? A whisper from Grey. Quiet and a little shy. She does not shout out loud like Blue, or squawk like Green, or roar like Yellow. But though she's quieter than the rest, Grey makes the other colours glow."--

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Little fox in the snow  by Jonathan London

Little fox in the snow

Jonathan London

"A red fox explores his forest on a snowy winter day. He snares a hare and with a full tummy he takes a drink of ice-cold water, smells a vixen then comes across a wolverine - and he flees in time!"--Cataloguer.

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Stand straight, Ella Kate  by Kate Klise

Stand straight, Ella Kate

Kate Klise

A fictionalized biography of Ella Kate Ewing, born in 1872, who was eight feet tall by the age of seventeen and who became financially independent by traveling the country for nearly twenty years appearing at museums, exhibitions, and in circus shows...

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