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Whale Pot Bay  by Des Hunt

Whale Pot Bay

Des Hunt

Jake and his father live in a remote part of the Wairarapa, where they can surf, hunt, fish, and watch the whales feeding as they pass up and down the coast. For Jake it's a paradise that he hopes will stay unchanged forever. Milton Summer is an international...

Holes  by Louis Sachar


Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats' family has a history of bad luck, so when a miscarriage of justice sends him to Camp Green Lake Juvenile Detention Centre (which isn't green and doesn't have a lake) he is not surprised. Every day he and the other inmates are told to dig a...

The snow man  by Jonah Winter

The snow man

Jonah Winter

"Discover the true story of a man who lived alone in the mountains with a hobby of measuring snowfall that led to groundbreaking data tracking in climate change studies"-- Provided by publisher.

Winnie Zeng vanquishes a king  by Katie Zhao

Winnie Zeng vanquishes a king

Katie Zhao

"As the balance between the human and spirit realm becomes more fragile as Halloween aproaches, Winnie Zeng and her archnemesis and fellow member of the Shaman Task Force, David, must work with a new shaman to keep their town safe."--Provided by publisher.

Snakes  by Christian Cave


Christian Cave

"Journey around the world to follow the lives of these cold-blooded reptiles as they hunt, hide, and fight their way through their day. Biologist and conservationist Christian Cave tells the story of the world's most amazing venomous snakes in the style of a...

All about grief  by Lora-Ellen McKinney

All about grief

Lora-Ellen McKinney

"Looks at grief from many different angles, helping preteens understand how it influences emotions, relationships, brains, bodies, and behavior"--

Evacuation order  by Jane B. Mason

Evacuation order

Jane B. Mason

"Twelve-year-old Sam lives alone with his mom and their dog in the idyllic seaside town of Santa Bonita. His father died when Sam was young, but his best friend Marco has been helping recreate his dad's old photos as part of a memorial project. One...

Secret Agent Mole. Book 3, Dr. Nude by James Foley

Secret Agent Mole. Book 3, Dr. Nude

James Foley

"Dr Nude's anti-gravity Doomsday Device is ready to blow. Max and the team have to stop it or the entire Earth could be split in two... and then they'll never get their secret agent licences! But first, our heroes need to sneak into a fancy-dress party. Will...

Batthew Aromascent and the missing corpse flower  by Ella Mulvey

Batthew Aromascent and the missing corpse flower

Ella Mulvey

"When the world's largest and most pungent flower goes missing right before its grand unveiling, the smell-mad city of Candlenut is in uproar. Luckily, Batthew Aromascent, 11-year-old heir to the famed Olfactory Fragrance House, and his best friend, Lavender,...

The Trouble with the Two-Headed Hydra  by Karen Foxlee

The Trouble with the Two-Headed Hydra

Karen Foxlee

Mary-Kate and her mother are visiting Galinios, an idyllic Greek Island filled with history and surrounded by the shimmering Aegean Sea. An ancient mosaic has been unearthed at the local sardine processing plant and Professor Martin must investigate, leaving...

On silver tides  by Sylvia Bishop

On silver tides

Sylvia Bishop

"Kelda has always protected her little sister Isla from danger on the rivers, and from the suspicions of their community. For Isla cannot breathe underwater and so her very existence is forbidden by silvermen's Lore. Now the rivers of England are growing sick:...

Pirates of Darksea  by Catherine Doyle

Pirates of Darksea

Catherine Doyle

"Deep in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, where the full moon rests on the horizon, lies a secret kingdom called Darksea. Ruled by the Pirate King, Captain O'Malley, Darksea's tranquil waters have, of late, been haunted by an invisible and deadly monster - a...

Comet chaser  by Pamela S. Turner

Comet chaser

Pamela S. Turner

"Once upon a time there lived a girl who swept floors and washed dishes, and was little more than a servant to her family. Until, one day, an invitation arrived. It was an invitation to a new country and a new beginning -- a place where Caroline's dreams, her...

Let's learn to fish!  by Dan Armitage

Let's learn to fish!

Dan Armitage

"Led by author-fishing guide Dan Armitage of the Kids Fishing Fun Program, kids ages 6 and up go on a fishing adventure with every turn of the page. Step-by-step color photography shows everything kids need to catch the big one: the best beginner bait and...

Super sports stars who are changing the game  by Rick Broadbent

Super sports stars who are changing the game

Rick Broadbent

"Discover the stories of 20 sportspeople who are pushing the limits of their game and helping to make our world a better place."--Publisher.

The Iguanodon's horn  by Sean Rubin

The Iguanodon's horn

Sean Rubin

"Ever since mysterious bones were found in 1822, scientists and artists have tried to figure out what the creature they came from looked like. But it seems that every time they've made up their minds, someone makes a new discovery, and they have to start all...

Weird holiday  by Anh Do

Weird holiday

Anh Do

"The Do family is going on a road trip! There'll be I Spy, singalongs and camping fun. But things don't always go to plan for Weir. Will this road trip be more of a trip-over? Or will it be caravan-tastic?! It won't be easy, but it will be funny!"--Publisher.

Avis and the call of the kraken  by Heather McQuillan

Avis and the call of the kraken

Heather McQuillan

Avis's life is complicated. Humbert the chocolate-eating dragon is getting bigger and more demanding and wants to test his wings, but he's distracting Avis from her schoolwork. Then on one flight they see a disturbance in the ocean near an oil-drilling rig and...

Oh Maya gods!  by Maz Evans

Oh Maya gods!

Maz Evans

"Meet the children of Elliot and Virgo, beloved heroes of Who Let The Gods Out? It's the turn of football loving Vesper and super bright Aster to take on the world's worst behaved immortals. Beginning with Maya bad boy, Kizin, and his Lords and Ladies of...

The Witchstone ghosts  by Emily Randall-Jones

The Witchstone ghosts

Emily Randall-Jones

"Autumn sees dead people, much to her annoyance; but when her father drowns, he's the one ghost that doesn't appear. Then, a clause in his will sends her to the remote isle of Imber. Can Autumn uncover Imber's dark past before it comes hurtling into the...

The beginner's guide to manga and anime  by Shuichiro Takeda

The beginner's guide to manga and anime

Shuichiro Takeda

Become an anime and manga expert with this must-have beginner's guide! It's packed with compelling history and fascinating facts that both new and longtime fans won't want to miss! Manga and anime are a whole lot more than just comics and animation from Japan....

Kids' sewing workshop  by Karine Thiboult-Demessence

Kids' sewing workshop

Karine Thiboult-Demessence

"Features 26 awesome patterns for young people who enjoy sewing. Each creation can be made on a sewing machine by following the super simple instructions that are accompanied by illustrated steps and diagrams. The garments are sized for an average 10-year-old...

Amil and the after  by Veera Hiranandani

Amil and the after

Veera Hiranandani

"At the turn of the new year in 1948, Amil and his family are trying to make a home in India, now independent of British rule. Both Muslim and Hindu, twelve-year-old Amil is not sure what home means anymore. The memory of the long and difficult journey from...

Mice on the Moon  by Philip Reeve

Mice on the Moon

Philip Reeve

"Little Pedro has an out-of-this-world adventure! The heroic Adventuremice have been summoned by an inventor-mouse! Millie's Uncle Bernie has built a spaceship and he wants the brave and clever Adventuremice to fly it. Boom! Pedro and his friends blast into...

Wind  by Erin Hunter


Erin Hunter

"Frostpaw has returned to the lake just in time to reveal all she knows at the Gathering-but the Clans are reluctant to believe an apprentice who's already admitted to lying about her visions in the past, and she is forced to take refuge in ShadowClan as...

Come and join us!  by Liz Kleinrock

Come and join us!

Liz Kleinrock

"Meet kids who share how they celebrate holidays all year long--perfect for discussions about de-centering winter holidays!"--

Villains' realm  by Ridley Pearson

Villains' realm

Ridley Pearson

"Home from their adventures abroad in book one, Eli and his friends are safe and sound at Epcot with their families-- or are they? When Eli learns that the CEO of the Walt Disney Company has mysteriously ordered Villains Realms to be built in every park across...

Rabbits  by Izzi Howell


Izzi Howell

Help your child to become not just a good pet owner, but the best rabbit owner. This book shows how the right environment and care for a pet helps their body and their mind. Just like humans, rabbits need to have fun. Did you know that they need a rich...

What happens when we die?  by J. R. (Joseph Raphael) Becker

What happens when we die?

J. R. (Joseph Raphael) Becker

"After witnessing the death of a small bird, Annabelle asks, "What happens when we die?" ... With the help of their dear friends like the Skeptisaurus and Tardigrade Tom, the children discover what we do know, and how worth celebrating it is. How our atoms...

Beyoncé  by Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Vegara


Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Ve...

"From a young age, Beyoncé had a beautiful voice. When she saw her favourite singers hit the stage, she knew that she wanted to be a performer, too. She became part of the chart-topping group Destiny's Child, and as a solo artist inspired fans from her...

The spectacular science of art  by Rob Colson

The spectacular science of art

Rob Colson

"Answering all those tricky science questions that children ask about colours, perspective, and symmetry - and that parents often struggle to answer - such as: What is colour theory? How do artists use maths in their paintings? How do scientists spot forgeries...

Wildlife crossings  by Catherine Barr

Wildlife crossings

Catherine Barr

"Track the journeys of seven amazing animals. Discover why they are in trouble, follow their journeys and find out how scientists and campaigners across the world are creating 'wildlife corridors' to keep animals on the move."--Publisher.

A kids book about confidence  by Joy Cho

A kids book about confidence

Joy Cho

"Helps children understand confidence and how to find it. Perfect for building confidence from a young age. How confident do you feel today? Maybe a lot, maybe a little, or maybe you don't know what that word means! However you feel, this book is for...

Minecraft beginner's guide

Minecraft beginner's guide

Are you new to Minecraft or still not quite getting the hang of it? Then this book is for you! Dive into Minecraft headfirst with this all-new beginner's guide that will teach you everything you need to know for starting your Minecraft journey, whether that be...

My book of horses and ponies.

My book of horses and ponies.

Discover the many breeds of horses and ponies around the world, and the origins of these powerful animals. Find out about the personalities of different horses, how humans and horses have worked together throughout history, and how to care for one of your own....

The bee connection  by Ben Newman

The bee connection

Ben Newman

"Inventive illustrations paired with narrative and non-fiction elements introduces young readers to the world of bees. Mason B. Chandler is a detective and solitary bee on a mission, and she needs your help to solve a mystery in Bug Borough. As Mason follows...

Baking wonderland  by Jean (Baker) Parker

Baking wonderland

Jean (Baker) Parker

"This mix-and-match cookbook is for curious kids who love to laugh. It's the perfect first baking book for children to use their imaginations, learn new skills and take their baking adventures to out-of-this-world heights! Be our guest and explore this magical...

Waist-deep in dung  by Christine Virnig

Waist-deep in dung

Christine Virnig

"After wading into the grossest animal pee, poop, and vomit humans have consumed in Dung for Dinner, Christine dives back into the muck with an equally humorous and informative exploration of the most revolting jobs throughout history. From the ancient...

The very best words  by Erin Munro

The very best words

Erin Munro

Picture book

Emma's new baby brother James was very nearly perfect, from his velvety head to his wiggly toes. She just wished he could talk. 'I am going to help you find your words,' she told him. But there were too many words to gather them all. So, she decided to bring...

Oxford school dictionary

Oxford school dictionary

"This new edition of the bestselling Oxford School Dictionary has been fully updated to include contemporary, relevant and comprehensive vocabulary. New words about technology, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have been added, for example eSports,...

How many mice make an elephant?  by Tracey Turner

How many mice make an elephant?

Tracey Turner

"Introduces children to a world of fascinating information by comparing sizes and distances in an easily relatable way. A wide range of subjects are covered, including animals, the human body, engineering, Earth, and space, and to explore the answers to...

We need mud!  by Addy Farmer

We need mud!

Addy Farmer

"This book is an icky, drippy celebration of the incredible work mud does all day long. Mud is a home, a defence, a climate protector, a work of art and lots and lots of fun, too!"--Publisher..

Star Wars made easy  by Christian Blauvelt

Star Wars made easy

Christian Blauvelt

" gives you everything you need to get you around the galaxy. Star Wars is a global phenomenon and the Force has truly reawakened. So where to start if you have never actually gotten around to watching the movies? Or if you find yourself dating an avid Star...

Stay where you are and then leave  by John Boyne

Stay where you are and then leave

John Boyne

"The day the First World War broke out, Alfie Summerfield's father promised he wouldn't go away to fight - but he broke that promise the very next day. Four years later, Alfie doesn't know where his father might be, other than that he's away on a special,...

Loamhedge  by Brian Jacques


Brian Jacques

"A group of adventurers from Redwall seeks out the ancient abbey of Loamhedge in hopes of curing a young haremaid's paralysis; meanwhile, the vengeful badger Lonna Bowstripe tracks the Searat Raga Bol and cohorts all the way to Redwall's gates and finds...

The eyes & the impossible  by Dave Eggers

The eyes & the impossible

Dave Eggers

"Free dog Johannes' job is to observe everything that happens in his urban park and report back to the park's three bison elders, but changes are afoot, including more humans, a new building, a boatload of goats, and a shocking revelation that changes his view...

Nothing else but miracles  by Kate Albus

Nothing else but miracles

Kate Albus

"12-year-old Dory Byrne lives with her brothers on New York City's Lower East Side, waiting impatiently through the darkest hours of World War II for her pop to come home from fighting Hitler. Legally speaking, Dory's brother, Fish, isn't old enough to be in...

Wurrtoo  by Tylissa Elisara


Tylissa Elisara

"Follows Wurrtoo the wombat on his quest to marry the love of his life, the sky, while facing his fears and learning the importance of friendship along the way. It all began in a burrow. The fifty-fifth burrow of Bushland Avenue to be exact. If you were ever...

Sejal Sinha dives for diamonds on Neptune  by Maya Prasad

Sejal Sinha dives for diamonds on Neptune

Maya Prasad

"Sejal's puppy eats the page in her notebook with her best ideas. Her little brother throws a tantrum over string cheese. Sometimes, Sejal wishes she could escape being a big sister. After an embarrassing snot incident, her older cousin Ash is ready to leave...

Heather and the stormy birthday  by Linda Oatman High

Heather and the stormy birthday

Linda Oatman High

"A magical umbrella takes Heather and her team to experience a superstorm and help someone in need. Weather terms, information about ways people can mitigate the effects of climate change, and weather experiments supplement the story"--Provided by publisher.

Trim sets sail  by Deborah Hopkinson

Trim sets sail

Deborah Hopkinson

"When Trim gets off to a bumpy start as ship's cat, new friends, human and animal, help him settle in."--Publisher.

Trim helps out  by Deborah Hopkinson

Trim helps out

Deborah Hopkinson

On his first morning at sea, ship's cat Trim looks for ways to help out, and makes a new friend along the way.

What a rock can reveal  by Maya Wei-Haas

What a rock can reveal

Maya Wei-Haas

"Award-winning science writer and geologist Maya Wei-Haas introduces young readers to the fascinating world of rocks through the art of observation. Starting with a friendly question-and-answer format, she explores the diversity of rocks and minerals and how a...

Kylie Minogue  by Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Vegara

Kylie Minogue

Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Ve...

"Little Kylie grew up with her parents and her younger sister, Dannii, in Melbourne, Australia. She loved singing, dancing and spinning around in her room, but she felt shy in front of other people. Her confidence and courage grew as she watched her sister...

Something about the sky  by Rachel Carson

Something about the sky

Rachel Carson

"What do we know about clouds? There are three basic types: stratus, cumulus, and cirrus. Some are fleecy and fair-weathered while others portend storms. But clouds are more than pretty or ominous backdrops. They're the vehicle of water between sea and land,...

Sky high!  by Jacek Ambrożewski

Sky high!

Jacek Ambrożewski

"Introduces a whole ensemble of scientists, inventors and builders: those from the distant past, such as Leonardo da Vinci and the Montgolfier brothers; those closer to our time, such as the Wright brothers or Otto Lilienthal; as well as current innovators,...

What humming-fish wish  by Michelle Meadows

What humming-fish wish

Michelle Meadows

"The Dr. Seuss character the Lorax narrates this rhymed non-fiction book about nine different endangered sea creatures and the how people can help them survive"--

Hug a bug  by Bonnie Worth

Hug a bug

Bonnie Worth

"The Lorax explains to young readers how they can help protect a variety of common insects that are threatened with extinction."--Publisher.

Scientists are saving the world!  by Saskia Gwinn

Scientists are saving the world!

Saskia Gwinn

"If all scientists are saving the world-- who is working on time travel? Scientists who are zooming through space, protecting the planet, singing with whales. And even learning how things travel through time. Get ready to meet more than 20 inspiring, real-life...

The color of sound  by Emily Barth Isler

The color of sound

Emily Barth Isler

"Twelve-year-old Rosie is a musical prodigy whose synesthesia allows her to see music in colors. Her mom has always pushed her to become a concert violinist, but this summer Rosie refuses to play, wanting a "normal" life. Forced to spend the summer with her...

The beehive  by Megan Daley

The beehive

Megan Daley

"An amazing look into the native stingless bee, the heroes of pollination. It's finally hive day! Willow has been waiting all year for groundskeeper Tom to split the school's native stingless beehive in two so she can take home her very own hive. Everything...

A kids book about adventure  by Ben Tertin

A kids book about adventure

Ben Tertin

"Any conversation about adventure inevitably means having a conversation about the difference between healthy concern and overblown worry. What is adventure? What causes fear? That's what this book explores how living a life of adventure means living a life...

The magnificent book of butterflies and moths  by Barbara Taylor

The magnificent book of butterflies and moths

Barbara Taylor

"Take a journey through flower-filled meadows, dusky woodlands, and steamy rainforests to find 36 magnificent butterflies and moths, from the delicate glasswing butterfly to the mighty Hercules moth."--Publisher.

The brilliant brain  by Roopa Farooki

The brilliant brain

Roopa Farooki

"Every second of every day, something is happening in every tiny bit of your body, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. And if you think of your body as a machine, your brain would be the control room - with billions of buttons for all kinds of...

Green  by Nicola Davies


Nicola Davies

"This tree doesn't look like it's doing very much: it just stands there in the sunlight, big and green. But this tree is busy. Starting with the secret workings of a tree, this book transports readers billions of years into the past; back to the moment when...

How to build a home  by George Clarke

How to build a home

George Clarke

"Get designing and building with architect and TV presenter George Clarke. From marvellous materials to future tech - discover the stories behind our homes. Our experts are famous for their incredible know-how and passion for their subjects, and now they have...

Yesterday Crumb and the tea witch's secret  by Andy Sagar

Yesterday Crumb and the tea witch's secret

Andy Sagar

"Yesterday Crumb is determined, brave and nearly ready to defeat a formidable foe: Mr Weep, the Lord of the Dead. Reunited with her beloved Dwimmerly End-- a magical, walking teashop-- apprentice tea witch, Yesterday, and her friends begin to search for Mr...

Lupix the ice wolf  by Adam Blade

Lupix the ice wolf

Adam Blade

"In the land of Tangala, legend tells of the Metamorphia - a league of sorcerers who once defied the Emperor and used their magic to create mighty Beasts. Now the New Protectors are on the trail of four such Beasts, resurrected by the witch Zuba. Our brave...

Dash can do it  by Pat McCaw

Dash can do it

Pat McCaw

"Follow an adorable therapy dog helping a child through a diagnosis of diabetes, with strong messages of empathy, kindness, and courage. Therapy dogs are specially trained to help kids through medical experiences-from lifting spirits, motivating movement,...

Kid oceanographer

Kid oceanographer

"Introduction to the wonders of the sea and answers big questions about these incredible marine environments. How deep is the ocean? Did you know there are underwater volcanoes? How many species live in the sea? Why do tsunamis start? From the depths of the...

Thunder  by Erin Hunter


Erin Hunter

"Frostpaw was told to trust no cat, but a brutal attack has left her gravely injured, and she'll need to depend on someone. When help arrives in the form of a young warrior, she convinces him to protect her as she follows StarClan's cryptic directions toward...

Kākāpō moon  by Rachel McCoubrey

Kākāpō moon

Rachel McCoubrey

Picture book

"A simple rhyming account of the life of the mysterious kākāpō. With fun facts and beautiful illustrations, children young and old will enjoy learning more about this endangered bird"--Back cover.

Bubbles the zooting, tooting manatee  by Minky Stapleton

Bubbles the zooting, tooting manatee

Minky Stapleton

Picture book

"Meet Bubbles, a lovable, funny, one-of-a-kind young manatee with a love for speed! Bubbles is a gassy little manatee who loves swimming fast. The more she eats, the more she toots, and the more she toots, the faster she zoots. Her elegant mother and aunties...

The complete tales  by Beatrix Potter

The complete tales

Beatrix Potter

This deluxe volume contains all 23 of Potter's Peter Rabbit tales. Arranged in the order in which they were first published, the stories are complete and unabridged.

De Bruyne rules  by Simon Mugford

De Bruyne rules

Simon Mugford

"Is Kevin De Bruyne your ultimate football hero? One of the best advanced playmakers in world football today, De Bruyne is part of the star-studded Manchester City team which has won both the EFL Cup and Premier League title. With Belgium, De Bruyne was also a...

How big? Animals  by Lisa Regan

How big? Animals

Lisa Regan

"How do you measure up against creatures great and small? With incredible life-sized artworks and helpful visual comparisons, this book doesn't just tell you, it shows you! Come eye to eye with a humpback whale, see how your hand compares to a gorilla's check...

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr  by Sara (Children's author) Khan

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Sara (Children's author) Khan

"A celebratory, inclusive and educational exploration of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr for both children that celebrate and children who want to understand and appreciate their peers who do. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and the most special...

Destiny finds her way  by Margarita Engle

Destiny finds her way

Margarita Engle

"When Destiny was found by the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica, she was sick, thin, and one of her eyes was closed and not working. The Sloth Institute took her in and introduced her to other sloths as she started to recover. She never regained the use of her...

Illustrated sports encyclopedia

Illustrated sports encyclopedia

"The Illustrated Sports Encyclopedia is the ultimate guide to the diverse world of sport, from the best known ball-sports, athletics, and water sports to the most obscure racket sports and races (anyone for a game of pickleball?). The book showcases different...

What you need to know about AI  by Brian David Johnson

What you need to know about AI

Brian David Johnson

"What actually is AI? Will it take over the world? And one day, will it tidy your bedroom? In this beginner's guide, learn everything you need to know about AI, from how it helps us discover epic stuff up in space or under the sea to whether it might help you...

The thrifty guide to medieval times  by Jonathan W. Stokes

The thrifty guide to medieval times

Jonathan W. Stokes

"This book is designed as a parody of Fodor's guides, complete with humorous maps, reviews of places to stay and top attractions (don't miss a jousting tournament-- but watch out for lances!), and tips on whom to have lunch with (murderous Queen Olga of Kiev,...

North Pole, South Pole  by Jennifer Szymanski

North Pole, South Pole

Jennifer Szymanski

"Explore Earth's North and South Poles. Discover the plants and animals that live there."--Publisher.

Megafast  by John Farndon


John Farndon

"Brings together over 30 of the fastest machines ever invented. With fantastically detailed true-to-life illustrations showcasing speedy supercars, spectacular superbikes, powerful planes and mighty monster trucks, Megafast is packed with awesome speed...

Funny dinosaurs  by Paul Mason

Funny dinosaurs

Paul Mason

"Meet the fluffiest, the tiniest, the best singers and of course the absolutely funniest dinos on planet Earth!"--Publisher.

Funny plants  by Paul Mason

Funny plants

Paul Mason

"Plants have developed some downright strange features and behaviours to survive day in and day out. Meet the stickiest, the stinkiest, the trickiest and of course the absolutely funniest plants on planet Earth! Funny Nature is a series of books presenting...

The brainiac's book of the body and brain  by Rosie (Writer) Cooper

The brainiac's book of the body and brain

Rosie (Writer) Cooper

"What makes your body work? Is it all in your mind? Sort of! Take a tour of the human body from head to toes and everything in between."--Publisher.

Pizza  by Paige Towler


Paige Towler

"Discover how pizza became the world's favorite comfort food. "--

War  by Alex Woolf


Alex Woolf

"War and conflict have been part of the human experience for thousands of years, and take many different forms - from diplomatic cold wars to full-blown conflicts lasting many years. All wars are damaging and harmful, not only for those on the frontline, but...

Build your own spectacular model spacecraft  by Rob Ives

Build your own spectacular model spacecraft

Rob Ives

"Space Rob Ives is a genius at engineering models that move entertain and give hours and hours of fun for everyone. Imagine making a top-secret spy spacecraft and scientific instruments to help you study outer space. Cosmic fans will love these books. All you...

Rebel Girls celebrate neurodiversity  by Shadae Mallory

Rebel Girls celebrate neurodiversity

Shadae Mallory

"This collection features 25 inspiring tales of neurodivergent artists, athletes, innovators, and more. Read about how these women and girls thought creatively, achieved their dreams, and advocated for the rights of neurodivergent people everywhere."--

The ultimate kid's guide to the universe  by Jenny Marder

The ultimate kid's guide to the universe

Jenny Marder

"Buckle up for a tour across space in this guide to the universe! With stunning photos of outer space, easy at-home experiments, and fun activities, this is the only guide kids need on their journey of learning about the stars, the planets, the moon, and so...

Digestive system  by Jenny (Children's author) Mason

Digestive system

Jenny (Children's author) Mason

"Digestion starts the minute you put food or a drink in your mouth. And by the time the process ends, your body has taken every bit of nutrition possible from your food. Did you know that the average person produces enough saliva in one year to fill a bathtub?...

Respiratory system  by Cody Crane

Respiratory system

Cody Crane

"Our respiratory system is responsible for cleaning the air that we breathe, supplying our bodies with oxygen, and getting rid of carbon dioxide. Did you know that you breathe in and out about 22,000 times a day? Or that your left lung is slightly smaller than...

Circulatory system  by Alicia Green

Circulatory system

Alicia Green

"The blood that flows through your body constantly brings food and oxygen to your muscles, organs, and bones and carries away waste. And it is all powered by that magnificent muscle, your heart. Did you know that your heart beats about 100,000 times a day? Or...

Nervous system  by Jenny (Children's author) Mason

Nervous system

Jenny (Children's author) Mason

"The human brain is a natural wonder - the command center that, through a network of nerves, runs every other system in our bodies. Did you know that there are 100,000,000,000 neurons in your brain? Or that your funny bone is actually a nerve in the elbow, not...

Muscular system  by Natasha Vizcarra

Muscular system

Natasha Vizcarra

"Our muscular system covers our bodies from head to toe. It helps keep us upright and gives us the power to stand, sit, run, smile, and more. Did you know that your muscles make up one-third of your body weight? Or that your tongue is made up of eight separate...

Green farming  by Daniel Johnson

Green farming

Daniel Johnson

"Thanks to the development of agriculture, our Earth can feed the almost 8 billion people that call it home. But the challenge facing us today is how to make the practice of large-scale farming sustainable. We have learned how to use alternative energies -...

Green transportation  by Priyanka Lamichhane

Green transportation

Priyanka Lamichhane

"Electric cars. Solar-powered planes. Poop-fueled trucks. Each of these technological advances in transportation is bringing us ever closer to a green future, and more are being developed all the time. Considering how many vehicles are on our roads - and in...

How families are made  by Amir Khan

How families are made

Amir Khan

"Come on a journey with Dr Amir Khan to discover how families begin and how you became part of your family. Celebrate the diversity that makes each one special."--Publisher.

Charles Darwin's On the origin of species  by Michael Leach

Charles Darwin's On the origin of species

Michael Leach

"Explore Darwin's life story, his voyages of discovery, and the series of revelations that led to his great discovery. Take a tour through the great scientist's theories as they're set out in an accessible and entertaining way. Uncover the world in which...

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