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Over 18 years of age

An Auckland resident or ratepayer

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Child or Teen

Under 18 years of age

Live or go to school in Auckland

If signing for a child under 18 you must be a parent or guardian

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A home delivery service for those who cannot physically visit the library

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Businesses, Schools & Resthomes

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Out of zone

Paid membership for those who aren’t Auckland residents or ratepayers

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Do you have a starter membership?

Adult and under-18 customers may have a limited starter membership.

Adult customers without proof of address and under-18 customers without a guardian immediately on hand may wish to apply for a starter card, which can be created without these requirements. However, this form of membership only allows a customer to borrow two items at a time.

Do you have an old library card?

This includes cards from former councils in the Auckland area:

  • Rodney
  • Waitakere
  • North Shore City
  • Auckland City
  • Manukau City
  • Franklin

Try to login to My Info and update your details — then you're good to go.

Lost card

Contact us to report it missing and, if necessary, find out whether your account is still active. Come into one of our community libraries to get a new card.

Responsibilities of membership

  • To notify the library of any change to your details
  • To notify the library immediately if your card is lost or stolen
  • To accept responsibility for all items issued and charges incurred against your registration (or against the registration of any members under the age of 18 for whom you are guarantor), including all items and charges made if your membership card is lost or stolen. Once the library has been advised of the loss of the card any subsequent charges will be waived
  • To pay any overdue charges incurred for items returned after the due date, and to pay replacement costs for lost or damaged items
  • To understand that the services of a debt collection agency may be used to recover outstanding debts and related costs, including any additional charges made by the collection agency as a fee for service
  • To agree to follow the bylaws on library use.

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