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Fa’atauāina o le Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa Sāmoan Language Week 2017 

28 Mē 2017 – 03 Iuni 2017

Tālofa lava! Afio mai!

Gagana Sāmoa is the second most spoken language in Auckland and third most spoken in New Zealand. Sāmoan language week is an ideal opportunity to engage with aiga in your community. Join us at Auckland Libraries as we support Sāmoan Language Week 2017 with a wide range of events at multiple locations.

Sāmoan language week / Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa takes place this year between 28 May 2017 and 3 June 2017. The theme for this year is Ma’au i lou ofaga; maua’a lou fa’asinomaga, Keep your identity alive, to thrive.


Speak Samoan Storytime 
Wednesday, 31 May, 10.30am -11am
Come and celebrate Samoan Language Week with us at a special storytime that will get you speaking and singing in Samoan!

Design your own lava lava pattern 
Sunday 28 May - 3 June 
Use your imagination and creativity to draw your own lava lava design during Samoan Language Week and be in to win a prize!                           
Interactive Tweens Hazard Drill 
Sunday 28 May, 3pm-4pm 
Join us for an interactive hazard drill and learn what to do in case of emergency. Bring along your friends and have some fun. Recommended age :8 -12 years.

Samoan Story Time  
Monday 29 May, 10.30am-11am 
Bring your little ones along for our special Samoan story time. A chance for kids to learn some basic Samoan words. Recommended age:4+ 

Rhymetime with a twist 
Wednesday 31 May, 10.30am-11am 
Come along and enjoy singing and dancing with rhymes at our special Samoan Rhymetime session. 
Samoan Wriggle and Rhyme  
Thursday 1 June, 10am-10.30am 
Join as for an amazing Samoan Wriggle and Rhyme session and learn a few Samoan songs.                               

Central City Library
Samoan Storytime
Saturday 03 June,11am-12 noon
Join us for a Samoan-themed storytime and activity to celebrate Samoan Language Week.

Samoan Rhymetime 
Tuesday 30 May, 11am -11.30am 
Join the  Central Library ukelele sisters and a special guest for a musical session to celebrate Samoan Language Week. 

Samoan Rhymetime 
Thursday 1 June, 11am-11.30am 
Join the Central Library ukelele sisters and a special guest for a musical session to celebrate Smoan Language Week.                      
Grey Lynn 
Samoan themed storytime
Thursday 1 June, 10.30am-11am 
Join us for a Samoan themed storytime with songs, stories and rhymes, followed by a taste of the Pacific to end our session.                           
Highland Park 
Sunday afternoon fun and afternoon tea! 
Sunday 28 May, 2pm-3.30pm 
Talofa lava! Please bring your kids to Celebrate Samoan language week with some Samoan rhymes, songs and craft activities to help everyone enjoy, learn and practice the Samoan language. There will be a Samoan flavoured afternoon tea served as well. Please add your name to the invite list by phone on 09 535 5935 or email to john.mata’afa@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz 

Special Samoan language week storytime 
Friday 2 June, 10.30am -11.30am 
Talofa lava! Please join us for a Special Samoan language week storytime with Samoan songs, stories and rhymes followed by a craft and a Samoan treat to share.                           

Mangere Town Centre 
Special Wriggle and Rhyme 
Monday 29 May, 10.30am-11am
Siva with us to popular Samoan songs! 

Digital Treasure Hunt 
Tuesday 30 May, 4pm-5pm 
Learn about Samoa by hunting for hidden treasures using Google goggles. 

Bilingual Storytime 
Friday 2 June, 10.30am -11.45am 
Enjoy a session of stories in Samoan and English followed by singing and dancing.                      
Mt Albert 
Siva Siva Mai Storytime 
Tuesday 30 May, 11am-11.30am
Bring your beautiful smile and dance moves to celebrate our songs and stories of Sāmoa. 

Sasa Sāmoa Wriggle and Rhyme
Friday 2 June, 10am - 10.30am & 11am - 11.30am 
Milimilimilimili! Rub your hands together, warm up to enjoy our fun Wriggle and Rhyme movement session celebrating Sāmoan language and culture. There are two sessions, the second a repeat of the first.  

Siva Mai Bilingual Rhymetime 
Saturday 3 June, 11am-12 noon 
Bring your little one for our Sāmoan, English & Te Reo Māori rhymetime session. Dance and smile celebrating the beautiful language and songs of Sāmoa!                      
Mt Roskill 
Samoan Storytime! 
Saturday 3 June, 11am 
Talofa! Come and join us for fun Samoan stories and siva! Make your own sei and pale to wear home!                               
New Lynn 
Preparing for an Emergency Together Fono
Tuesday 30 May, 6pm-7.30pm
We welcome you to join us for a talanoa /discussion about being prepared in an emergency. The recent floods in New Lynn took all the community by surprise. Auckland Council’s Civil Defence Team & New Lynn Library would love to meet you, hear about your experiences and help you get better prepared. This meeting has been organised in conjunction with Samoan Language Week. Light refreshments will be provided.

Bilingual Wriggle and Rhymetime 
Thursday 1 June, 10am 10.30am No  Join us for Samoan language themed Wriggle & Rhyme time for children under 5 years by Vaai Tai. No                                

Samoan Language Week Storytime 
Tuesday 30 May, 10.30am 
Come and join us for some Samoan songs and stories to celebrate Samoan Language Week.                                
Samoan story time and performances 
Monday 29 May, 10.30am-11.30am 
Join us for a Samoan story time, followed by performances by the local preschools. 

Ukulele Session 
Monday 29 May, 3.30pm-4.30pm 
Jam with us as we learn to play Samoan songs on the ukulele. This is a free session, and ukuleles are provided 

Wriggle and Rhyme Samoan style 
Tuesday 30 May, 11am-11.30am 
Bring your child to enjoy a special Samoan  Wriggle and Rhyme session of movement and songs.                      
Samoan songs on The Ukulele 
Tuesday 30 May, 3.30pm-4.30pm  
Jam with us as we learn to play Samoan songs.  

Samoan resources workshop 
Wednesday 31 May, 10.30am-11.30am 
Keep informed as we present this Samoan resources workshop. 

Samoan songs on Ukulele 
Wednesday 31 May, 3.30pm-4.30pm 
Playing Samoan songs on the ukulele with confidence.     

Samoan Bilingual Storytime
Tuesday 30 May, 10.30am-11.00am
Afifio mai, and join us for a special Samoan bilingual and interactive storytime, with our special guest storyteller Leota Alice Meredith.

Siva mai - Wriggle and Rhyme
Wednesday 31 May, 10.30am & 11.30am
Join us for a special Wriggle and Rhyme session, where we will sing and dance to celebrate the beautiful language of Samoa.

Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa (Samoan Language Week) celebration
Saturday 03 June, 11am-1pm
Want to experience Samoan culture first hand? Join Panmure Library in collaboration with Panmure Community Hall for an exciting community event featuring: Samoan traditional games, a pop up library of Samoan books, siva afi (fire dance) workshop, producing coconut cream, and many more.
To top it all, savour the flavours of Samoa with Island food provided by our local Samoan community.

Papatoetoe Survivor
Wednesday 31 May, 3.30pm
Do you have what it takes to survive an emergency? Come along and find out. RSVP to (09) 2784392

Samoan Storytelling Session 
Tuesday 30 May, 9.30am-10am
Talofa Lava! Join us for a fun Samoan storytelling session as we explore the beautiful island of Samoa through musical song and dance, as well as embracing legends of old.

Samoan Wriggle & Rhyme Session 
Tuesday 30 May, 11am-11.30am 
Enjoy a special Samoan wriggle and rhyme session here with us at Ranui Library.

Disaster Awareness ThinkLab 
Wednesday 31 May, 3.30pm-4.30pm 
Stop, Drop & Cover! Are you prepared for when a disaster strikes? Come along to our disaster awareness think lab as we learn how to be aware, alert and ready.                     

Te Atatu Peninsula 
Bilingual story time 
Tuesday 23 May, 10.30am-11am 
Join us for a bilingual story time in Samoan and English.  A 30-minute session filled with stories, songs and games using the Samoan language.  Suitable for ages 3-5 years.  

Monday Movies in the library:  Three Wise Cousins 
Monday 29 May, 3pm-4.30pm 
You are invited to watch the homegrown movie Three Wise Cousins. It's a comedy about a young New Zealand-born Samoan man who goes to Samoa to become a 'real island guy'.

Vaifala making session 
Tuesday 30 May, 3pm-3.30pm 
Back by popular demand, we're making Vaifala!  A refreshing and delicious pineapple drink from Samoa.                      
Ula lole 
Thursday 1 June, 3pm-4pm 
Join us in making Ula lole.  A necklace made out of lollies and usually given to someone special or an special occasion.  

Te Matariki Clendon 
Samoan Storytime 
Thursday 1 June, 10.30am-11am
Join us as we celebrate Samoan Language week at Te Matariki Clendon Library and Community Centre, with a special performance by the children of Kakano Early Childhood Centre.                                 

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