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  • The field of Passchendaele by Paul Nash.
    “It’ll be over by Christmas”: World War 1914-1918
    Online exhibition. An exhibition from Sir George Grey Special Collections depicting New Zealand’s contribution to the First World War, both at the front and at home.

  • Manatunga logo.
    Online exhibition. Manatunga showcases taonga Māori from Tā Hori Kerei-Nga Kohinga Taonga Whakahirahira / the Sir George Grey Special Collections.

  • The Rossdhu book of hours.
    Real Gold: treasures of the Sir George Grey Special Collections
    Online exhibition. Real Gold celebrates the rich variety of the Sir George Grey Special Collections.

  • Landscape view of Auckland City.
    Auckland Akarana: The wonderful isthmus
    Online exhibition. An exhibition of gems from the Sir George Grey Special Collections that highlights the features of Auckland from the 1800s through to more modern times.

  • Toshala Elliot.
    Dominion Road Stories
    Online exhibition. Dominion Road Stories is an oral history and photography project that profiles the residents, shopkeepers and visitors to Auckland’s iconic Dominion Road.

  • Christmas card produced in 1952.
    Christmas cards exhibition
    Online exhibition. Our Christmas cards exhibition is a selection of 24 beautiful Christmas cards taken from our Ephemera collection ranging from 1870 to 1952.

  • The art of English poesie by George Puttenham.
    Shakespeare exhibition
    Online exhibition. A showcase of Auckland Libraries' collection of Shakespeare treasures, many of them part of the founding collections donated by Sir George Grey in 1882.

  • Symonds St cemetery.
    Maps of Symonds Street cemetery
    Online exhibition. This online exhibition showcases maps of the Symonds Street cemetery from the manuscript collection located in Sir George Grey Special Collections.

  • Ferdinand von Hochstetter's collection.
    Ferdinand von Hochstetter
    Online exhibition. This exhibition commemorates the 150th anniversary of his arrival and the Austrian Novara expedition in Auckland (1858-2008).

  • People of the North Hokianga.
    Online exhibition. Hokianga is an exhibition of memories, reflections and living histories, delicately woven together from the Auckland Libraries heritage collections.

  • Private Flanton of the Maori Contingent.
    Coming Home
    Online exhibition. Coming Home, a Digital New Zealand initiative, focuses on the return of troops and the impact of war on this country.

  • New Zealand soldiers awaiting orders for the Dardanelles.
    Online exhibition. This online exhibition features images from contemporary newspapers illustrating the harsh reality of the campaign.

  • Alice's adventures in Wonderland, illustrated by Milo Winter.
    Old favourites: Famous children's books
    Online exhibition. Take a trip down memory lane and explore an exhibition of rare, classic and much-loved children's books.

  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
    The Romantics: Jane Austen meets Frankenstein
    Online exhibition. An exhibition of rare books and manuscripts from the Sir George Grey Special Collections.

  • The art album of New Zealand flora by E. H. Featon.
    Flowers, fruit and foliage
    Online exhibition. This online exhibition contains a bouquet of botanical illustrations from the Sir George Grey Special Collections.

  • Beverly Manahi.
    Glen Eden Stories
    Online exhibition. Glen Eden Stories is a community led project which began in late 2012. The project is about giving the people of Glen Eden a chance to share their stories and ideas.

  • Village of Parkuni, Augustus Earle.
    Pūtahitanga: online exhibition
    Online exhibition. Pūtahitanga tells a unique story about New Zealand's earliest written history.

  • TUMANAKO! Children’s artworks for a peaceful world
    16-26 August. An exhibition of children's artwork, to commemorate the anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • Gatherings on the Manukau
    Photos from our collections serve to illustrate the rich bounty of the harbour in former times and present recorded journeys made across this waterway.

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