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Use the options below to search for Auckland Libraries' resources.


Catalogue and website search
Search the catalogue and the website's content simultaneously.

Classic catalogue
Search using the classic catalogue.

Classic catalogue - Te Reo
Search using te Putumōhio, the classic catalogue in te reo Māori.

Search the catalogue specially designed for WAP-enabled mobile phones or similar devices.

Electronic resources

Digital Library
Search the Digital Library for databases and other eResources, including reference works, virtual exhibitions, eBooks and eAudio books.

Combined Search
Search multiple databases in the Digital Library simultaneously. Choose your own combination or use our pre-selected subject searches. Login with your library card barcode and PIN to use this resource.

Journal Finder
Use Journal Finder to locate thousands of titles of online and print journals, magazines, trade publications, bulletins, and newspapers.  For more information read our Journal Finder resource guide.

Downloadable Media
Search and download eAudio books from the Downloadable Media catalogue. For more information read our Downloadable Media resource guide.


Events and activities 
Search the regional map to find more information about regular activities and special events taking place at a library near you.

Find your local library

Locations and hours
Search the regional map to find out the address, opening hours and contact details for the library closest to you, as well as routes and timetables for our four mobile library services. 

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