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eMagazines and eNewspapers

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Access over 600 eMagazines with RBdigital (previously known as Zinio). View the magazines online on your PC/Mac or download for offline viewing with handy mobile apps.

RBdiigtal features:

  • Over 600 eMagazines
  • Always available - no hold queues
  • No checkout periods - you keep the eMagazines
  • No limit to the number of eMagazines you can check out
  • Email alerts letting you know when the next issue is out
  • Popular titles include: PC World, NZ House & Garden, Health and Fitness, Esquire, National Geographic, Marie Claire, Cuisine, and Cosmopolitan
  • A wide variety of topics including travel, technology, politics, cooking, and more
  • A range of audiences with eMagazines for children, teens, men, and women.


Getting started

You will need to use a modern browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 and higher) and create an account to download eMagazines from RBdigital.

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eMagazines and eNewspapers

Read the latest editions of over 500 eMagazines and 2,200 eNewspapers online with PressReader.

PressReader features:

  • Over 500 eMagazines and 2,200 eNewspapers
  • Titles from 100 countries
  • Titles in 56 languages
  • Popular eMagazines include: Paris Match, Body and Soul, Digital Camera World, NZ Rugby World, Dish, and Canvas
  • Popular eNewspapers include: The New Zealand Herald, The Guardian, The Age, and International New York Times
  • Browse by country, language, or magazine/newspaper title

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eMagazines and eJournals


各類期刊雜誌,內容涉及政治, 經濟,科技,教育,藝術,中國當今事務, 世界熱點以及其他主題. 熱門期刊, 如<<牡丹>>, <<十月>>, <<支點>> , <<健康大視野>>通常與印刷版雜誌同時推出. 讀者可點擊雜誌封面或用漢字通過主題詞或作者查詢文章和雜誌.

Read 2,200 eMagazines and eJournals from mainland China in both simplified and traditional Chinese.

A variety of magazines give a Chinese point of view on domestic affairs, world hot spots, business, science, technology, arts, education and many other subjects. Top popular magazines, like Mu dan, Shi yue, Zhi dian, and Jian kang da shi ye are usually available at the time of publication. It’s easy to find the articles or magazines by clicking magazine covers or searching the database with title keywords or author name.

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National Geographic archive

eMagazine archive

Browse the complete searchable archive of National Geographic magazine articles and photographs from the first issue in 1888 through to the present day.

The content of this archive comprises every page of every issue along with a cross-searchable collection of National Geographic books, maps, images and videos. The latest two issues are not available online through the National Geographic archive, but you can find them in RBdigital.

You will need an internet connection to browse the National Geographic archive - the magazines are not available to download and read offline.

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Good Reading Online


Read the popular Good Reading magazine online every month and find out about the latest books, reviews, short stories and more. Teens may like SpineOut Magazine Online.

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