eBooks and eAudiobooks

The basics

What are eBooks and eAudioBooks?

eBooks and eAudiobooks are electronic versions of printed books and audio books. They are files that you can download and read (or listen to) on your computer. You can also transfer them to a smaller electronic device like an iPad or eReader.

There is an exciting range of titles for you to choose from. Just like the physical versions of books, each book can be borrowed by one customer at a time for a set loan period.

To provide a wide range of titles, our eBook and eAudiobook collections come from a number of different suppliers. Each supplier has a separate website that you’ll need to access in order to borrow books, but you’ll still see the Auckland Council logo in the browser window. Each supplier’s website works a little differently and provides a unique range of reading and listening material.


Why choose these?

eBooks and eAudiobooks are more convenient and flexible than physical books:

  • You don’t need to visit the library to borrow or return books. Available 24/7.
  • They can be easier to read – you can zoom in, change text size and style, line spacing and "page" margins to suit your needs.
  • eReaders are easier to carry – not as awkward as a 832-page book and you can borrow multiple titles without the added weight.
  • You won’t pay late fees (titles are automatically returned when they expire).


What’s available?

Here’s an overview of what we offer for eBook and eAudiobook users:

Content Websites and specialities
Adults -
fiction and non-fiction

- OverDrive (for the largest, most extensive range)

- Wheelers (widest range of New Zealand titles)

- BorrowBox (strong range of Australasian publishing)

- EBSCOhost (great for students and independent learning)

- Ulverscroft Digital (wide range of eAudiobooks from the U.K.)

Children and teens -
fiction and non-fiction

- OverDrive (largest collection for kids and teens)

- EBSCOhost (kids’ joke books and R.L Stine teen fiction)

- BorrowBox (classics and popular fiction)

- Tumblebooks and BookFlix (animated, talking picture books; read-along titles and interactive non-fiction titles)


Get started.

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