Auckland Council Libraries: BorrowBox on computer, iPod nano and iPod shuffle

BorrowBox on computer

Access BorrowBox eAudioBooks on computers.Download to computer Visit the BorrowBox website  and sign in with your library barcode number and PIN/password, the same one you use for your library account. Tip Forgot PIN/password? Reset it.

No library card? Become a library member.

  • To browse titles, select the eAudiobooks or eBooks icon on the menu. Or select the Search icon to search for a title.
  • ​Click Borrow on available books. Then Confirm loan to check out the book. ​A message will appear telling you that the loan was successful. Click Reserve on books that are currently on loan.
  • On the download page, click the Download complete eAudiobook button. You can also choose to download in parts.
    • If you get a pop-up message asking if you want to Open, Run or Save, choose Save.
  • Find your downloaded eAudiobook file (usually in your Downloads folder). Unzip the file to open the individual MP3 audio files.
  • Unzipping the eAudiobook file

    Unzip file by double clicking on the folder. If that doesn't work, try right click and then Extract all.

  • ​You can now listen to the eAudiobook on your computer or laptop using a media player.

  • Auckland Council Libraries:BorrowBox on computer, iPod nano and iPod shuffle Follow this guide to access BorrowBox eAudioBooks on computers, iPod nano and iPod shuffle.