Auckland Council Libraries: Free WiFi

Free WiFi

WiFi utu kore

​We offer free wireless internet access (WiFi) at all of our libraries, including mobile libraries. 

Bring in your laptop, tablet or smartphone to access the internet. See how to connect your device to WiFi.

Learn more about our WiFi Terms of use.

Restricted use

You can browse the internet, email, and download or upload files using the library WiFi access. However, you cannot:  

  • use peer-to-peer file sharing programs
  • access any website with inappropriate content. These sites will be blocked.

All Internet service providers are required to monitor internet activity by law. Tomizone monitors all activities on the network.

Daily data limit

You can use up to 1GB of data per calendar day. 

You will need to wait until the next calendar day to receive another 1GB of free Wi-Fi access. You cannot get another free 1GB data in another library on the same calendar day, as the network recognises your device’s unique address.

Sessions on laptops

If you are using a laptop and you have ‘pop-ups’ enabled, a popup counter screen will advise you that you've reached your limit and your session will end. If you don’t have ‘pop-ups’ enabled, your session will still end when you reach your limit.

Sessions on tablets and smartphones

If you are using a different mobile device, your session will stop, and when you attempt to log in you will be advised that you have reached the limit.

Make your session last longer

  • Close browser windows you are no longer using.
  • Do not play any videos or movies.
  • Turn off location features on your apps.

Auckland Council Libraries:Free WiFi Access the internet in any of our libraries with these easy steps.