Auckland Council Libraries: ​The way you collect your library holds is changing

​The way you collect your library holds is changing

We're introducing a new holds pick-up system at our libraries starting Tuesday 28 May

Staff and customer looking at mobile phone at the holds pick-up area.

What’s changing? 

From Tuesday 28 May, when you visit a library to collect an item you have requested, it will not be shelved alphabetically with your name on a paper slip. 

Instead, your requested library items will be on numbered shelves in the holds pick-up area at your chosen library. 

If you have more than one library item to collect, you may need to find and collect your library items from more than one numbered shelf in the holds pick-up area. 

How to find your library holds 

Your library holds pick-up area will be in the same location as before. You will receive an email to let you know your library item is ready to be picked up. This email will give you all the information you will need to find your hold at the library, including: 

  • The name of the library item 
  • Pick-up library location
  • The number of the shelf it is on 
  • The date your item needs to be collected by. 

This information will also be available in the account section of the Auckland Libraries app. Our free app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. 

If you don’t have access to email or the Auckland Libraries App, we’ll let you know what numbered shelf your hold is on when we call you about your library holds.

Bring your library card and remember to check out your requested items at the self-check machine or at the desk as usual!

Customer at the self-checkout.

Transition period

Any library items that were on the hold shelf before 28 May will still be in the holds pick-up area arranged alphabetically by your last name until picked up or expired. Items that were placed on the hold shelf on or after Tuesday 28 May will be placed on the numbered shelves. 

Why is the holds collection system changing? 

  • We’re introducing an innovative technology that will automate some of the manual tasks involved in moving and managing our collections around our libraries. 

  • This new software also enables us to move to an anonymised and paperless holds pick-up system. 
    We value your privacy, and moving to an anonymised system will mean your name will no longer be visible on a paper slip in a public space in the library. 

  • In addition, by removing the paper slips, we’ll be playing our part to reduce the amount of paper waste and our environmental impact. 

We’re here to help 

We understand that learning this new system may take time to get used to, especially for those who have used our current library holds system for a long time. 

Please be reassured that our staff will be available to help you if you need support or don't have access to a personal device. We ask you to be kind to our staff and patient while we all adapt to this new system. 

Auckland Council Libraries:​The way you collect your library holds is changing The way you collect your library holds at Auckland Council Libraries is changing. Find out more about how the new pick-up system works.