Auckland Council Libraries: Māori services

Māori services

Ngā ratonga Māori

We can help with specialist Māori information and research.

We offer the largest Māori research and reference collection in a public library. There is a separate kohinga Māori in most libraries and our staff can help you find what you're looking for.

Specialist Māori staff

We have specialist staff who can provide whakapapa, research or history for whānau, hapu and iwi. We offer one-on-one or group whakapapa sessions and training on Māori databases and our website. You can arrange an appointment to see our Māori specialists in person. Māori-speaking staff are also available to travel to your marae or community centre.


We organise events and activities that have a Māori kaupapa. These include:

  • website and Māori resources training

  • te reo Māori storytimes

  • cultural performances

  • weaving workshops

  • Māori arts and crafts demonstrations

  • waiata and te reo classes

  • kaupapa Māori lectures.

Special areas for Māori wānanga and hui

Some libraries have areas designated for hui and wānanga to take place, including the Whare Wānanga in the Central City Library.

A variety of meeting rooms can also be utilised for study, hui and research – check with your local library.


Auckland Council Libraries:Māori services Our libraries give you access to our Māori collection and research resources and hold events that have a Māori kaupapa.