Auckland Council Libraries: Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty

Over the past 200 years, much has been written about the infamous mutiny on the Bounty.
Listen to Georgia tell the whole grim story, from the events of the mutiny, to Bligh and his crew cast off in a tiny launch exposed to the elements, and finally the disastrous voyage of the Pandora, the naval frigate sent to track down the mutineers.

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William Bligh. A voyage to the South Sea, 1792.

After the mutiny Captain William Bligh and 17 of his crew were set adrift in the Bounty’s launch, a seven-metre long boat that gave no protection from the elements. Remarkably, Bligh continued to produce charts while aboard the long boat, including this one showing the North East coast of New Holland (Australia).

A voyage round the world, in His Majesty’s frigate Pandora, 1793.

The author of this book can be seen in the frontispiece portrait below. George Hamilton was surgeon on board the Pandora, the naval ship sent to track down the mutineers.

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Auckland Council Libraries:Mutiny on the Bounty In this Meet a Rare Book podcast, Georgia tells the grim story of the infamous mutiny on the Bounty.