Auckland Libraries: 100 reasons to have a library card

100 reasons to have a library card

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We could fill a book with reasons to have a library card, but we’ve narrowed it down to 100. Whether you want to expand your mind, beat your mates at Wordle, or escape into a book, your library card is the key to starting something great!

So why not find your reason and sign up for a library card today? It only takes a few minutes and, best of all, it’s totally free!

#01 - Avoid inky fingers by reading an eNewspaper

This just in – PressReader is where to find all the latest Aotearoa New Zealand and international news without getting ink on your fingers!

Your library card gives you access to eNewspapers from over 100 countries and in 60 languages, including the NZ Herald, The Guardian, the Washington Post, El País and more. If you don’t have a library card yet, join online and you’ll be flipping though the paper within minutes. Go to eNewspapers

#03 - Upskill on the bus with an online course

Transform your morning commute from a sleepy, scrolling haze to a productive learning experience.

Level up with LinkedIn Learning online courses and develop your personal and professional skills.

You just need your library card to get started.

#12 - No more late fees! Yippee!

We’ve made overdue fines a thing of the past. So why not get a shiny new library card? Whether it’s listening to an eAudiobook on your morning walk, streaming a movie with the whānau or exploring local history, there are endless opportunities at your library. Go to join page

#14 - Access eAudiobooks when you don’t feel like turning pages

On lazy Sundays and late nights, picking up a book can seem daunting. eAudiobooks make it a breeze.

For effortless enjoyment, use your library card and check out our vast collection on our website or download the Libby app. 

Get Libby at Google Play or at the App Store:

#19 - Keep tamariki busy for free

There’s nothing like a giant stack of books, puzzles and movies to keep your little ones busy. And don’t forget our after-school activities, clubs and holiday programmes when tamariki need to take a break from the screens and get out of the house. Get a library card for every member of the whānau, and you’ll have everything you need to help your tamariki learn, laugh and have fun – all for free!

#52 - Impress a date with your varied interests

Picture this: you’ve already impressed your date by showing up with your 1990s hatchback – freshly vacuumed. Now it’s time to go big and wow them with the hobbies you’ve carefully cultivated at your local library – all thanks to your library card.

Get a library card today

These are only a few of the many reasons to join Auckland Council Libraries. Sign up for a free library card today on our website, or pop into your local library and chat with our friendly staff. 

All you need is an email address and an Auckland address to get started online.

Auckland Libraries:100 reasons to have a library card