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Voyages and travel

This selection of children’s non-fiction titles showcases the many ways we can travel around the world and of famous voyages taken by famous explorers old and new.

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The impossible voyage of Kon-Tiki

Deborah Kogan Ray

Combining history with culture and the ocean with exploration, this is the only picture book account of Thor Heyerdahl's world-famous Kon-Tiki expedition, during which he sailed a raft off from South America to the islands of the South Pacific.

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Charles Darwin's voyages of discovery

Izzi Howell

Find out why we remember the great naturalist Charles Darwin and his epic voyages of discovery and learn how he proposed the theory of evolution, which changed science forever.

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Courageous circumnavigators

Fiona Macdonald

This book tells the stories of those intrepid adventurers who have circled the globe, from the first voyage around the world led by Ferdinand Magellan to modern solo circumnavigators such as Ellen MacArthur and Steve Fossett.

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The most brilliant boldly going book of exploration ever by the Brainwaves

Peter Chrisp

Meet the Brainwaves, hilarious little mischief-makers who are about to take your child on an incredible journey to meet a host of famous explorers and share their incredible discoveries!

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Atlas of adventures

Rachel Williams

Set your spirit of adventure free with this lavishly illustrated trip around the world. You will explore seven continent maps, packed with hundreds of activities and challenges to inspire armchair travellers of any age.

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Extreme planet

Bear Grylls

A whirlwind tour of the globe, seeking out the highest, deepest, wildest, thinnest, coolest, hottest, scariest, and smelliest things on the planet.

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How to babysit a leopard

Ted Lewin

Packed with pencil drawings, full-colour illustrations and captivating photographs, there is not a single dull moment as Ted and Betsy take the reader through their dramatic, funny, and often poignant stories... all true!

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Around the world in 50 ways

Daniel Smith

In this book, kids choose their favourite routes and transportation. They'll visit famous far-flung places - and learn facts about each destination along the way. But they'll need to be careful: not every path will take them where they want to go!

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The explorers' handbook

Anita Ganeri

The Explorers' Handbook contains everything you ever needed to know to survive and thrive when travelling to the four corners of the globe - from the ice caps of the poles to the dusty dunes of the Sahara. Perfect for kids with a sense of adventure.

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Adventures on the ancient Silk Road

Priscilla Galloway

This book introduces readers to three great historical figures: The monk Xuanzang, the conqueror Genghis Khan, and the merchant Marco Polo. Although they're years apart, each travelled the Silk Road along different routes and for different motives.

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Ultimate explorer guide

Nancy Honovich

Learn what it takes to be a real-life explorer in this fun and action-packed guide to discovering the world around us. Amazing stories, fantastic photos and hands-on-activities inspire curious kids to start discovering land, air and sea.

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