Auckland Libraries: Ask us to buy it

Ask us to buy it

Tono mai kia hokona e mātou

Use this form to suggest a book or other item you would like us to buy.

Before you fill out the form

  • Check our catalogue to see if we already hold the item.
  • For eBooks or eAudiobooks, use the recommendations service on OverDrive.
  • Popular new titles are ordered automatically, so you don’t need to ask us to buy them.
  • We do not consider suggestions with a publication date more than three months ahead.
  • We mainly purchase material published within the past two years.
  • We generally do not buy anything that is more than eight years old.
  • You can send up to two requests per week.
  • We do not accept suggestions for music CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, large print books or magazines.
  • See our information page for publishers and self-published authors if you have a book you would like Auckland Libraries to consider buying.

5 mins estimated time to complete