Auckland Council Libraries: Interloans terms and conditions

Interloans terms and conditions

Thank you for using the Auckland Libraries Interloans service.

Auckland Libraries Membership terms and conditions apply to inter-library loans; please see below for important additional information relating to interloan requests. 

Please contact the Interloans Team using the general enquiries form or call us on (09) 307 7742 if you have any questions or need further information.


Interloan charges will be added to your library account when we receive the requested item.  Articles will be emailed in anticipation of payment, charges for loan items must be paid before material can be collected.  These charges can be paid online by credit card or account-to-account, or when you collect your interloan.  Prompt payment is appreciated.  Owing more than $10 on your library account can affect your ability to borrow, reserve or renew library items.

If you change your mind

Charges must still be paid if, after we have sourced the item you requested, you change your mind or no longer require the interloan.

Collecting your interloan

The Interloans team will email you (or send you a letter) when your interloan is on its way to your chosen pickup library.  Library staff will call or email to let you know when it is ready to be collected.  The sooner you collect your interloan, the more time you will have it.  If for any reason you are not able to collect it, please contact the Interloans team as soon as possible.

Care of your interloan

Please take good care of your interloan, which we have sourced for you from another library.  Interloans are supplied in a bright blue weather resistant satchel; please keep your interloan in this when not in use.  Lost or damaged interloans incur replacement charges and administration fees – see more detail below under Lost or damaged interloans.

Loan periods and renewals

Loan periods are determined by the supplying library; usually you will have three weeks or more.  Most interloans can be renewed at least once, subject to agreement by the lending library.  Further renewals may be possible by contacting the Interloans team.  If the supplying library does not agree to a renewal we will contact you to discuss next steps.  

Returning your interloan

Please return your interloan on or before the due date, in the blue satchel in which it was issued. It can be returned to any branch of Auckland Libraries. 

Overdue charges

If your interloan is returned late, you will be charged a fee of $1 per day, per item. 

Lost or damaged interloans

If you lose or damage your interloan, you will need to pay a replacement charge and an administration fee as follows:

​Administration fee (non-refundable)
​Replacement charge for interloan satchel
​Replacement of lost or damaged item

If you have lost or damaged your interloan please contact the Interloans team as soon as possible using the general enquiries form or telephoning (09) 307 7742 to discuss your specific circumstances.  If you subsequently find a misplaced interloan contact us as soon as possible.


In requesting an interloan you agree to comply with the requirements of the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

Contact details

Please ensure your contact details are correct and notify us promptly if they change.


The Interloans team will authorise interloan requests submitted by members under 18 years of age with their legal guardian.


Please let the Interloans team know if you have any issues or questions relating to your interloan. We are here to help.

Auckland Council Libraries:Interloans terms and conditions Auckland Libraries terms and conditions that apply to inter-library loans.