Auckland Libraries: Membership terms and conditions

Membership terms and conditions

Ngā whakamārama me ngā kōrero here mō te mematanga

​Read the membership terms and conditions for Auckland Libraries. 

Key responsibilities of membership

  • Notify the library of any change to your details. 
  • Notify the library immediately if your card is lost or stolen. 
  • Accept responsibility for all items issued and charges incurred against your registration (or against the registration of any members under the age of 18 for whom you are guarantor), including all items and charges made if your membership card is lost or stolen. Once the library has been advised of the loss of the card any subsequent charges will be waived. 
  • Pay any overdue charges incurred by items returned after the due date, and pay replacement costs for lost or damaged items. 
  • Understand that the services of a debt collection agency may be used to recover outstanding debts and related costs, including any additional charges made by the collection agency as a fee for service. 
  • Agree to follow the bylaws on library use.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are available in the following languages:

1.0 Applications for membership

Every person or organisation who pays rates, rent, or who resides in the district, and who meets the library's membership requirements, shall be entitled to a membership. The library reserves the right to ask any applicant for membership for proof of membership eligibility, for example proof of address or photo identification. Members can take out items free of charge, however the library reserves the right to impose borrowing fees for some items.

2.0 Children's borrowing

Any person under the age of eighteen shall have a membership form completed on their behalf by a parent or guardian. Such parent or guardian shall thereafter be responsible for all items borrowed by that person and all monies owed.

There are overdue charges on adult items borrowed on children’s membership cards.

3.0 Unqualified borrowing

Any person who does not qualify under clause 1 to free membership of the library may obtain membership on completion of an application form and payment of a fee, providing such person produces some suitable forms of personal identification.

4.0 Issue of membership card

A librarian shall (subject to the provisions of clause 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 12.0 hereof) issue to each applicant a membership card. 

5.0 Use of membership card

Only the library member or a person duly authorised by the member shall make use of a membership card. The membership card must be presented for the receipt of services.

6.0 Fees and charges

All library members agree to be bound by the library fees and charges.  The library reserves the right to alter these charges as required. 

7.0 Change of address

Every member shall promptly notify the library of any change of address or contact information.

8.0 Borrowing of reference items

No person shall be entitled as of right to borrow any item specified as a reference item. A librarian may however permit a reference item to be borrowed by any member, subject to any conditions laid down.

9.0 Issuing items

The borrower of any item before leaving the library shall have the item formally issued to them.

10.0 Unauthorised taking of items

No person (other than as a borrower) shall take or attempt to take any item or other article from a library.

10.1 Selling items

No person shall knowingly pawn, sell or purchase or secure the advance of money on any item that is the property of the council or attempt to do so.

11.0 Damage to items

If any item is lost, or returned in a damaged or defaced condition, the borrower shall pay to the council a sum of money as will replace that item or pay full compensation for any damage or loss incurred by the council. An item may be deemed lost by a librarian one month after the date on which it was due to be returned to the library.

11.1 Recovery of lost items

If a lost item is subsequently found and returned within two years of the date of borrowing, a refund of all or part of the charge made for the loss may be paid to the borrower at the discretion of a librarian.

12.0 Money owing

All library members agree to pay any fees and charges incurred relating to library membership, including those people for whom guarantor status is accepted.  Auckland Libraries may suspend library services to all such persons until such charges are paid in full.

Auckland Libraries may, at its discretion, use the services of a debt collection agency to recover outstanding library debts and related costs, which may include charges added by the collection agency as a fee for service.

All library members accept responsibility for any items issued and charges incurred against their registration up to the time that a lost or stolen card is reported to the library.  Any charges incurred after that date will be waived.


Use of the library

Any person entering a library must not:

  1. behave in a manner that creates a nuisance or is offensive to any other person
  2. bring into the library or exhibit any article that is a nuisance or is offensive to any other person
  3. bring any animal into the library except where authorised by the council
  4. damage any library property.

The use by any person of any library service or facility must be for legal purposes, and must not result in breach of copyright, breach of privacy rights, unauthorised alteration or deletion of data or website contents, unauthorised access to information or the access or transmission of illegal images or text.


Auckland Libraries:Membership terms and conditions Information about the key responsibilities of library membership and the terms and conditions.